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Destiny’s House of Wolves Screenshots Leaked

by on February 27, 2015

Destiny’s “House of Wolves” Screenshots Leaked

Bungie’s popular sci-fi shooter, Destiny, is coming off the wake of big updates and some maintenance this week. However, all anyone can talk about is the leaked images of its newest DLC, House of Wolves. Set to drop in the upcoming months, the next installment of the blockbuster release is highly anticipated and on track to make or break the future of the game.  With players demanding something fresh and new, news of these leaks have sent shockwaves over websites like Reddit. One of the screenshots shows the games most underused location, “The Reef”, being used as a social area like “The Tower” is used on Earth. This area was mainly used for cutscenes that dealt with “The Queen” character, that was not explained very well, and her over zealous brother, who was always wanting to kill you. Now it seems that there will be a whole new level of social interaction. Also leaked were images of level 28 strikes and a level 32 Nightfall Strike on the Moon. This upcoming follow up to the Dark Below is expected to drop in May of this year on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Images below:



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