Dying Light Shows Off 4v1 Gameplay

Dying Light Shows Off 4v1 Gameplay

Do You Even Zombie Bro?

Two weeks after launching it’s safe to guess that thousands of player’s have tried their hand at zombie survival game Dying Light’s free DLC. Techland has announced that several million matches have been had through the downloadable “Be the Zombie” matchmaker. The content turns the table and allows for one gamer to invade a survivor’s world and take on the isolated role of the lethal Night Hunter. Facing off against up to four human survivors becoming the monster in a “4v1” scenario may sound awfully similar to other recent title launches. Techland is pretty savvy to that fact and has cleverly released a video highlighting some tips and tricks of the Night Hunter’s tricky arsenal of attacks.

The above game play video is narrated by the lead game designer of Dying Light, Maciej Binkowski. He’s kind enough to share some insider tips and strategies to becoming the best little survivor mutilating zombie you can be! In the odd event that that is not enough to convince you to hit play, how does some free in game weaponry sound? The trailer offers viewers a special code which can be redeemed at Dockets.DyingLightGame.com. Once you redeem the code you will be given a weapon docket that can then be traded for a super hardcore top-tier volatile wrecking weapon from the in game Quartermaster. Do note that you must sign up and link your platform to your Weapon Dockets account in order to use the weapon dockets in Dying Light.

Don’t have Dying Light yet but feel like you want to change that? The game is out now and can be purchased here. You can also learn more about this highly addictive gaming experience by following Dying Light for updates on Twitter and Facebook.

Have you tried “Be the Zombie” yet? Tell us what you think of it in the comments below!

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