Ori and the Blind Forest: LIVE ON TWITCH

Ori and the Blind Forest: LIVE ON TWITCH

Since it as first announced the level of hype and excitement around Ori and the Blind Forest is out of control. If you know me well enough you know how much I love platformers and this is the most promising one of 2015 so far. So join me as I go though part 1 of Moon Studio’s beautiful title Ori and the Blind Forest.

If you’re looking to join the stream: Twitch

Watch live video from Swift_sh0t on www.twitch.tv


Justin (Swift) Brunelle is a hardcore gamer of all types on a quest to beat all games of any genre. Most often found entertaining people on his Twitch with drinking, swearing, and great gameplay. He finds a home here at mammoth to express himself through other means with writing and podcasts.