Top 5 Marvel Movie Soundtracks

Top 5 Marvel Movie Soundtracks

There’s an awful lot of gushing and praise to be had where Marvel’s comic book films are concerned.  In a nutshell it can be said that the universe storylines are expansive, varied, and intricate. They’ve proven that their movie soundtracks are no exception to that. With all the stunning visual nuances that shine in a Marvel movie it’s sometimes easy to miss the music that accompanies those moments. The rhythm picks up pace as our heroine darts frantically through a tight hallway. Tension building as a hulking monster follows hot on her heels. A newly transformed hero emerges and the string section soars in celebration of an experimental procedures’ success. A glorified mechanic watches his love fall to her death and the finality of the moment rings out in a forlorn minor key. The following list is in salute to the unsung heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the soundtrack composers – Top 5 Marvel Movie Soundtracks.

5. Thor – With intricate melodies that twist and turn as the God of Thunder is cast out of Asgard by his father, Patrick Doyle’s soundtrack delivers. While there are some dips in intricacy where the music can be deemed boring, it’s when set alongside the scenes it serves that the melodies shine like the compliments they are.

4. Iron Man – Dark and gritty, composer Ramin Djawadi nails the ideal mix for the origin story of Tony Stark’s Iron Man. Distorted guitars and snappy snare drums punch their way in and out of the title score and subsequent tracks. Driving the film forward is a hard hitting rock-inspired title theme. The heavy rhythms perfectly play to the mission based mentality that Stark goes through as he creates the Iron Avenger from a box of scraps in a cave. While at times it’s not as smooth and polished as the soundtracks that would follow in the MCU, the Iron Man soundtrack deserves its place on this list.

Iron Man

Iron Man

3. Captain Amercia: The First Avenger – Just listening to the film’s main theme makes you want to put your hands on your hips and raise your chin to the sky as you fight for justice. Cap’s theme echos earnest and true through out the entirety of the film in its various incarnations. With bold horn sections that fill in the nooks and crannies of its melodies, Alan Silvestri’s soundtrack as a whole mirrors the on screen emotions track after track. The music emotes so beautifully that when separate from the film there is little room for questions as to what emotions the listener is intended to feel.

2. The Avengers – Given the high energy of the movie itself, Alan Silvestri’s soundtrack for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has few lows and a whole lot of surging highs. The now iconic title theme musically rings out with the bright optimism that comes from finding your purpose. Quite appropriately given the composer and film, the soundtrack carries some of the same tonality as Captain America’s. Truthfully that’s not a bad thing! It’s fitting that The First Avenger’s spirit has so many parallels reflected in The Avengers.

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Hard hitting and fast paced there are no brakes that could stop the momentum of this collection. A careful mix of classical production and seemingly industrial background noise, composer Henry Jackman’s work sets this far apart from other soundtracks in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One track in particular that stands out is “The Causeway”. Harsh and unapologetic, the song plays out during the action packed vehicle and foot pursuit scene with The Winter Soldier. Each song flawlessly captures the mood and tenacity of Steve Rogers’ as a character and Captain America as a hero.

Captain America

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Disclaimer: “Wait man, why isn’t Guardians of the Galaxy on this list! Awesome Mix rules!” Yes, you’re right. Awesome Mix Vol. 1 is way awesome! This list is specifically for soundtracks with original compositions.

We want to know what your Top 5 Marvel Movie Soundtracks are! Leave a comment below if your favorite was left off our list.

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  1. Dan Martin
    March 5, 2015 at 11:46 PM Reply

    That list looks right, especially since you excluded the Sony and Fox movies. Personally, I’d put Thor closer to the top, because of “Ride to Observatory” and then “Thor vs The Destroyer”. That latter is one of the best “moments” in all of the Marvel movies, and the music is a big component.

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