Top 5 Things That Annoy Everyone Playing Destiny

Top 5 Things That Annoy Everyone Playing Destiny

Plugging 200+ hours into a game might sound insane and maybe it is, but after playing something as amazing as Bungie’s golden child, Destiny, you could understand why that amount of time was spent.  As time has progressed though, the polish has lost its shine and Destiny has gotten stale.  So, I have devised a list of the top 5 things that, in my mind, annoy everyone playing Destiny at the every moment in time:

1. That Grind Though – If you are like me (and I’m sure you are) Destiny used to be fun, fast and exciting. Now? We’re lucky to get a legendary engram every now and again. What gives? As a player since the Beta, Bungie has really dropped the ball in giving us fun and new things to do and as a result, many of us have stopped playing. Sad days for them and us as well! The process of playing the same missions to level up the same armor to beat that same raid is starting to get to me. There’s only so many times Peter Dinklage can ask “Do you think they mind if we take their pikes?”

2. Braggers – Everyone loves that guy who can lead a team down the depths of the Hellmouth and destroy the bro-king that is Crota. However, nobody likes that guy who knows he’s better than you and makes you feel bad about it. Sometimes a knight gets the best of you and the oversoul is all your fault. That doesn’t mean I should be called all kinds of names or worse, be put on Boomer duty. We all know that guy and we all hate him. What comes worse, after he tells you he soloed the raid earlier with his level 32 warlock, is when you don’t beat it immediately he bails on you and leaves the fireteam. Or he gets mad that nobody was “talented” enough to find a Galihorn except him. Learn from the best, don’t be “that guy”.

3. Xur – Let’s face it. Xur is almost the worst character in this game (besides the Cryptarch, man he sucks

Destiny_Xur_1280-1413575895041-1422043459363the life out of you). He comes in bringing high hopes to Destiny players for miles and miles around, only to bring sadness in the form of Sunbreakers. Every Friday I used to wake up and fire up my PS4 to see what Xur had brought to the table yet, in the past 3 months, he has come up shorter than a hunter trying to triple jump to a cheese spot. I mean come on! No Man’s Land and Dragonsbreath can only be sold so many times yet, week after week, he brings out the worst in us. Get it together Xur, you’re worse than that guy on the corner selling “authentic” copies of the latest Fast and Furious movie. Nobody wants another Plan C! 

4. 12 year old kids – Since the dawn of internet gaming, we’ve seen the likes of the 12 year old n00b. Not understanding how to do simple tasks, running around like animals and swearing up a storm because mom isn’t close enough to hear. This is amplified when players get matched up with these kids when searching for a solid fireteam to complete the raids. Questions like, “What does being “marked” mean?” and “How do you use this sword?” often come up and just as often, replies filled with groans and sarcasm flood the chat. Just don’t 8th graders.

5. Bungie – “Disconnected from its fan base” is the only way to describe the actions of Bungie over the past few months. Turning the game into a grinding chore seems to be up on the top of Bungies to do list. Here’s how a meeting must go:

Head of Bungie: Hey everyone, what changes should we make to the gameplay of Destiny?  

 Destiny Team: ALL OF THE WRONG ONES!!!!          

Players have been waiting patiently for fixes to heavy ammo bugs, less repetitive  missions and DLC that feels worthy of the $40 they charged for it. House of Wolves cannot be what The Dark Below was, seeing as the Crota raid was hardly worth the  money and the missions were finished in about 45 minutes (CROTA?!). What I want to see happen in the next DLC is a raid that is actually fun and for Bungie to maybe read this list to finally fix the worst thing about this game; 8th grade boys.

What do you think are the most annoying things about Destiny?

Ken Borter

Content Manager for Mammoth Gamers, Ken is a deadhead but not like from the 70's. Ken often times finds himself picking up anything with "Of the Dead" in the title. On top of this, he is also a walking, talking pop-culture reference. He is a sports geek, a comic book nerd and loves John Mayer.... Play some games with him! PS4 gamer: thewalkingken Follow him on Twitter! @Kenborter