Bloodborne Hands On First Impressions

Bloodborne Hands On First Impressions

The long awaited Bloodborne is out on PS4 and I got to spend some quality time with it last night on my Twitch. I have to say from someone who is not a large fan of previous From Software titles I have enjoyed every moment so far.  The first thing that I noticed that while it shares so many aspects of the Souls games in, Bloodborne is a whole new demon itself and feels like a new IP. I am not someone who enjoys playing the Souls game as much as the rest of them. Whenever I played those games I felt like I was a clunky walking brick running around sluggishly with the slowest attacks ever. Now, Bloodborne on the other hand already has me within its grasp. I love how fast my character can move and playing offensively rather than defensively. I have been unable to get past the first area, but I spent a great deal of time exploring every nook and cranny. I spent most of my time trying to gear and level up by fighting the same waves of enemies scattered around over and over. There is a lot to see and, if you’re like me, you’ll want to beef up your character a bit before you start trying to take on some of the more difficult enemies. My entire experience so far is incredible and I had to force myself to stop playing and go to bed in order to stop playing.

If there is any From Software title I can see myself playing through to the end it would be Bloodborne. Most of my reasoning all centers around how much I enjoy the combat compared to previous titles. When I play Souls games I constantly feel like I’m going to die from everything at all times, but when I play Bloodborne I have a different mindset that I can actually win my battles. Being able to swiftly prance around my enemies makes even fighting the largest enemies feel possible. I have two weapon forms that allow me to switch between up close and personal or get some distance away from my enemies, I also have a light and heavy attack I can mix up based off timing. At no time so far do I feel that my attacks take too long to time perfectly. On one kill in particular on a larger enemy I was able to execute a visaral attack. This required me to time my gun perfectly to stun my enemy and go in for a devastating and rewarding attack for massive damage. This takes a bit of finesse to pull off but seeing how Bloodborne is a game you need to play aggressively you can’t be afraid to go in balls deep with your opponent. You’re going to be rewarded more for it in the long run.

Bloodborne is my favorite title on the PS4 right now and even now as I write this I can hear the game calling me back for more. It is absolutely a time sink, but a well invested time sink given the barren amount of great AAA titles the first half of the year. It is a bit more forgiving on difficulty compared to Souls games, but still challenging with the same rewarding feeling. An absolute must buy for anyone Who owns a PS4.

If you are interested in seeing more, you can catch me playing Bloodborne through my Twitch to check out more.


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