Devolver at PAX East 2015

Devolver at PAX East 2015

Devolver is a company that is known for doing things a bit differently. With developers who stick to old school graphics and violent gameplay, Devolver is one of the top publishers in the indie scene. I had the chance to check out a few titles from Devolver while I was at PAX, this is a showcase of my experiences.

Enter the Gungeon - Logo

Step out of the way Isaac, Enter the Gungeon is a challenging dungeon crawler and the first title by developer Dodge Roll. They wanted to create a brutal dungeon crawling experience filled with “Bullet Hell” and traps as they explained it. You have your hand held for only a few rooms before the game flips the switch and puts you in a fight for your life inside of every room. The enemies that you face are all bullets themselves armed with whatever weapon their shell represents you must clear each room before moving forward. The dungeon is randomly created every time you enter and you have 4 characters to choose from. At the bottom of the Gungeon is an item that allows each character to change something in their past. As you progress through the Gungeon you learn more about the back story of your character and gain advantages that you can use to help the next run for your character. There are a vast amount of guns that you can pick up along the way and the game is designed that you will be disposing guns at free random. Run out of ammo, and a new gun will drop from a parachute to help keep you alive. You are never without a gun so being conservative with ammo is not necessary.

EtG - Screen 11

Dodge Roll lives up to their developer name by incorporating that mechanic into your character’s ability to stay alive. While you are dodge rolling you dodge all bullets that would have normally done damage to you. If you wish to stay alive precise timing and accurate gunfire are required. The gameplay mechanics work in such a way that you use both the analog sticks to move and shoot with the trigger being the dodge roll aspect. This works out very smoothly once you get used to it. This allows for fast pace trigger finger action to kill and avoid all the slaughter in every room. You also have the support of the environment to help you dodge all the incoming bullets as well. Table can be thrown down and used as cover to help protect you from bullets for a certain amount of time. Enemies can also use this to their advantage as well by using the tables as cover too. There is some forgiving aspects as you are allowed to teleport throughout the rooms within a floor, and there is a store where you can pick up new guns, items, and life to help extend your run.


Enter the Gungeon is set for release in Q3 2015 on PS4, PC, Mac, and Linux

Broforce Logo

Get ready to MURICA with the most patriotic game ever made, Broforce. This game is so in your face patriotic that you can’t help but enjoy and laugh at the nonsense that takes place. Broforce is simple yet addictive, you control one of over 20 Bros that are randomly generated and have to get from one end of the map to the other. Each of these Bros is an iconic character in film that any fan of action films knows about. Characters like Rambro, Bronan the Brobarian, and Snake Broskin are some of the many hilarious cast that you can play as throughout your adventure. Each of these characters having a different mean attack and special based off their weapons of choice as seen in media. These are randomly generated and by releasing prisoners throughout the different levels you can get different bros constantly.

Broforce - Screen 3

The entire terrain is destructible as you see fit, allowing you to create new ways of getting from one side to the other. Explosives are also everywhere to help shape different parts of the terrain With me and one dev far too often with the amount of chaos that went on at all times it was difficult to keep track of my character and I died quite a bit. Except for the missions that have bosses each mission ends with you killing Satan in front of an American flag. From there a helicopter picks you up for extraction and you move forward, TOWARDS FREEDOM! Considering how chaotic it was with me and one other person I can’t even begin to imagine what playing co-op with another 2 people would be like. There is also the option for deathmatch with your bros as well, but I was told that those matches don’t tend to last very long with the amount of death and destruction quickly taking over the map. There is also a level editor for those where are into making them to share with other people whose thirst for destruction has not been quenched yet.

Broforce is already on steam for Early Access on PC and Mac

Titan Souls - Logo

You know what was the best thing about Shadow of the Colossus for PS2? Every experience you had in the game was an epic boss fight and a puzzle trying to figure out how to beat the boss.  Well that very idea is the backbone to this top down adventure in Titan Souls. Every encounter is a boss fight that appears challenging at first, but every boss has a one hit kill weak spot. It is up to you the player to use your wit to discover where the enemy’s weak spot lay and strike it with your bow and arrow. Only problem is, you have one shot to do it. Every time you fire you bow and arrow you are completely unarmed until you pick your arrow back up. You can do so in a Jedi force like manner holding down the fire button, or you can run up and grab it yourself. I spent most of my battles running away trying to figure out how to defeat my enemy by staying alive long enough to try a few things. Trial and error is a big factor of battles and players need to be aware that death is going to come repeatedly and not to get discouraged.

Titan Souls - Screen 2

Upon defeating each of the 4 bosses I went up against I felt a great sense of accomplishment. Defeating each of the early bosses was no easy task, and I can only imagine how much harder they will get going forward. I died more than my fair share of times just trying to beat those bosses, some of my lifespan only lasting a mere 5 seconds before I was crushed into oblivion. The game opens up thrusting you into danger right away, but from there you are left with the ability to explore the world and discover the rest of the titans. The only enemies that you ever fight are bosses throughout the entire game. If there was ever a more true to Shadow of the Colossus game in years, Titan Souls would be that game.

Titan Souls is out for PS4, PS Vita, PC, Mac, and Linux Q1 2015


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