Game 4 Interview at PAX East 2015

PAX East a busy show floor a buzzing crowd two men in a chair. One great game and a company that continually produces some top notch games, despite only 3 former titles. With the show floor being so massive there is never enough time to take it all in or so it seems. I have to say I am thankful in the midst of the rush I was able to take time out to sit down and chat with Behemoth, a company that doesn’t need to make many games, because what they do make they do well. Behemoth success is well deserved as their titles have an aspect of creative humor and a slight twist on the various genres, in a good way. Game 4 has been shrouded in secrecy for a time since the initial release. I had the pleasure of catching up with Ryan Horn Level Designer, we chat about all things Behemoth. Game 4 looks to be one of those games that will implement many of the same violent tendencies as well as the loved character designs of previous titles. Playing the demo I laughed until I cried, so in my interview I wanted to translate that joy I had. Though the floor was buzzing I was hoping to capture the energy of my interview. On behalf of myself Justin, A.K.A Swift_Sh0t, and Mammoth gaming I want to say thank you to Ryan Horn as well as Behemoth Games for taking time out to sit down with me to talk Game 4.