No fools Show Twitch Love to Two

No fools Show Twitch Love to Two

Twitch is the ultimate “hold my drink and watch this” area for gamers wanting to stream how awesome/fail they are at games. Users can come watch new games, old games or just some gaming randomness. Streamers get that good old couch co-op feel, just like an old friend is sitting there beside them back seat gaming. If you have been around the scene lately you will realize how much Twitch has blown up and become a part of the community. With implementation into systems, tournaments and some of your favorite game titles. Two very great people I know love streaming and interacting with their fans/viewers but are lacking some love. So I was thinking that some people may want to take a moment to go give their streams love.


Twitter: @phoenixfire2912


Jenn is known mostly for her random streams, it all depends on the day what game you will see. Don’t always expect the Call of Duty type games as she will often stream what she is reviewing. Though you may not see AAA titles always don’t be fooled her streams are AAA. Jenn is very interactive and enjoys chatting with the viewers that decide to show up. Just watch out for dreaded “Holes” they are hard to find!

Jenn currently has 31 followers, on April 1st she needs to be at 75 for the contest.



Justin has been known to stream a bit of everything from his backlog, recently it was Far Cry 4. Where he shines most though is with the Indie titles, he has broken one too many. Throw a platform based game in front of him and stand back. His skills definitely shine when it comes to games such as Mega Man, Shovel Knight and games of the same genre. As his platform collection grows so does his desire to speed run said games.


Justin is at 60 followers and would like to be at 100 by April 1st for the contest.

So you may be asking how you can help, well my friend it is quite easy you see. Let me help you help these two with a little incentive of gift cards for your gaming. How would you like a 25 dollar card for either PSN, Xbox or steam? Who wouldn’t want that? All you have to do is head over to one of the two Twitch links or both. Follow the channels and be active in the stream it would be greatly appreciated. On or around April 1st there will be a drawing in both streams for the cards. Yes you heard right both streams will give you a chance to win 25 dollar cards. What do you have to lose, come check them out and enjoy the stream, then you can have a chance to win some cash towards your gaming needs.

**No worries we wont play you as fools, this is not some cruel joke for April Fools**