PlayStation 4 2.50 Update Features

PlayStation 4 2.50 Update Features

Some details were leaked last week about PlayStation 4’s newest update 2.50 and today Sony officially commented and released information on the long awaited upgrade. Codenamed ‘Yukimura’, firmware update 2.50’s most exciting new features have come to light and we have the scoop.


  • Suspend/Resume, which will be supported by nearly all PS4 titles, has been long awaited, as it was promised to be “coming soon” for nearly two years now.  This feature allows gamers to suspend the game they are playing, without completely closing it out and come back to it immediately, even if you put your PS4 into rest mode.  This gives the illusion of constantly being connected and able to just pick up and play.  As exciting as this sounds, some have feared that this is not going to work as promised, leaving PS4 users disappointed.  Only time will tell.

Remote Play & Share Play at 60fps

  • For most of us who have experienced the new feature “Share Play”, we know that while it is amazing that you can have friends play your game from their PS4 and play with them, even if they do not own the game, its frustrating to see your favorite games at a low frame rate.  Well Sony has heard our cries!  Remote Play and Share Play will now run at 60fps for those titles who support 60fps.  This is great news because what is the point of showing off a new game if its not exactly what the developers intended it to be?

Accessibility Options

  • Acessibility is something that, in my mind, should always be addressed.  Extending your games to the widest audience and allowing all people to enjoy a game.  PlayStation has done a great job at addressing accessibility options and this update is including a lot of fixes for people disabilities. Some modifications include text to speech, enlarged text, bolder fonts, higher contrast UI, zoom for displayed pictures, invert colors on screen and many more. Players will also be able to reassign buttons on the controller, allowing people who have issues using both sides of the controller to make due.  This is a huge step forward in gaming and I applaud Sony for the steps forward they have been making!

Trophy Improvements

  • Playing on the PS4 sometimes is a competition, especially when it comes to having “that friend” who has to Platinum all of their games.  Well that friend just gained a new way to shove it in your face.  With 2.50, players no longer have to worry about taking screen shots of their trophies when they get them because you can set it up so that you can have it automatically take a screen shot when you get that trophy!  Cool! Now I can upload all of my best achievements without breaking a sweat.

Facebook Friend Search

  • Facebook integration is something that people have been looking forward to in order to connect to their friends easier.  Sometimes you have no idea that some of your friends are even on PSN and this allows you to connect Facebook and PSN to find friends.

A few up minor tweaks will be added but these are the biggies!  What do you think?  Comment below or tweet at us @Mammoth_Gamers and let us know!


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