Walking Dead Episode 12 Preview

Walking Dead Episode 12 Preview



The Walking Dead has become a phenomenon that has reached epic proportions over the past 5 years.  The term “walker” has become regular vocabulary to millions of Americans who invite Rick and the gang into their living rooms on Sunday night.  Each week, I eagerly wait for 9 o’clock to hit so I can engross myself in a world of zombies, terrifying situations and survivors.  This weeks episode marks a whole new chapter in the Walking Dead universe as most can imagine and I cannot wait for how Robert Kirkman and Greg Nicatero depict the land that is Alexandria.  As an avid comic book reader, the Walking Dead is on the top of my list as far a stories go.  Raw, unique and riveting, Kirkman is a master at teasing out situations and leaving you with your mouth wide open in shock.

Last episode, we find the group in panic as a newcomer has arrived to their camp.  Aaron, a clean cut and friendly looking man, comes into the party, knowing everybody’s names and what they are all about, which is concerning for most in the gang.  In shambles from a walker attack the night before and still reeling over the encounters with the Terminus cannibals, Rick was in no mood to take chances with this guy.  After a prompt ass kicking in typical Rick Grimes fashion, fists first and questions later, Aaron was tied up.  Rick, obviously cautious and afraid for his family, does not trust this guy and immediately goes into Ricktator mode.  Barking orders and running around, the group goes into full panic mode, wondering when the attack is going to come.  As they call to arms, Rick questions Aaron on who he is and what he wants with his people.  Aaron explains that he is from a community and that they wanted Rick and his people to join them.

This is a pivotal point in the Walking Dead in my opinion.  This is where Rick has to make choices that has hasn’t had to make since season 3.  On their own, starving and barely surviving; this is the picture that Rick sees but he also sees the Governor and Woodbury as glaring examples of how communities in this post apocalyptic world works.  He ultimately does not want to put his children in harm of but he gives it a chance and sends a group out into the woods to see if they could find a car that Aaron said was waiting for them to take to the community.  Rick hates to be vulnerable and at this point, that’s exactly what he is.Rick Grimes

The team lead by Glenn, truck out to the interstate to find the vehicles promised by Aaron and to the surprise of the gang, the cars were there.  Many of the fears that swirled around the group were beginning to calm and now they were questioning that maybe this was for real.  Back at the camp, Rick was with Aaron, listening to what he had to say.Arron spoke about a real community with surgeons, apple trees and walls made of concrete and steel to which Rick obviously does not believe.

Glenns cohort return to give the news to Rick that everything checked out and that maybe Aaron is telling the truth.  Rick is still wary of the idea and voices his concern, especially considering this guy was listening in on their conversations.  Michonne more than anyone understands how this could end up but she speaks out and speaks about the state of the group and how they needed to take the chance.  So they decide to go.

The last portion of the episode is most of the action where they are traveling along a walker dense road.  There is a sick scene where they are driving through a hoard of zombies and its just a slew of blood, guts and walker parts.  The only way to describe what it looked like would be a Slayer song titled: Raining Blood.  So metal.  Eventually, the crew makes their way to the gates of the community.  Rick hears something outside the doors that he hasn’t heard in a while; the sound of children playing.  Although Rick is hesitant, he passes through the gates and into a new chapter of The Walking Dead.

This past episode was extremely important to further the story and its super exciting to see whats coming up next.  Alexandria is a huge question mark and could lead the group right back into the clutches of another Terminus.  Whats coming down the pike might change the landscape of who Rick is and how he progresses.  What if this place is a safe haven and it truly has jobs like society before the outbreak?  What would Rick do?  Can he take orders?  How will Carl and the other adapt to civilized society if this place is real?  Only time will tell but I feel like this could lead to a new world and most importantly, a new conflict.


Tune in tonight at 9 pm on AMC to find out where Rick and the gang will end up!

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