Bloodborne – Deliciously Frustrating

Bloodborne – Deliciously Frustrating

After spending the past week or so playing Sony’s new mega hit, Bloodborne I have come to the conclusion that I hate it.  But also, I love it. I love the fact that this game is so terrifying that I creep around, like a small scared child and when something pops out at me, I flail around, like a fish out of water, scared of what might come next.  I hate that an enemy that I should be able to take on, no problem, can kill my character within seconds. I also hate that every time you die, it sends you all the way back to the previous lamp yet, instantaneously, I love it.  Why am I so confused?!  Lets take a look into the creeptastic world that is Bloodborne.

If you look back to fellow Mammoth Gamers writer Swift’s first impression article, you can get an element as to what the game is about.  It is dark, it is gothic and holy hell is it creepy.  This is not my impression of the game nor is it a review.  It is my relationship with the monster that is Bloodborne and how much I hate that I love this game (just like that girlfriend who you know is so rude to everyone you know but damn, she is interesting.)

While first playing through the opening scenes, I died.  A lot.  I died so much that I would text my friends about how badly I sucked at this game and that I wished I had never spent the 60 dollars on this “hunk of crap”.  They retorted with, “Just keep playing”.  So I did just that, slaughtering my way to new levels and cursing the heavens when I was struck down in the prime of my ever so precious digital life.  I fought deranged people, giant slug creatures and even crows, which let me tell you, every time they flap their stupid wings I almost crap myself.  With each death, I realized that this game is actually something special and not just your run of the mill, hack and slash game.  No, there is something much more poetic about Bloodborne and it took me beating the second boss to realize this.

Like something from Edgar Allen Poe’s vat of darkness, this game takes fear and tough game play and scrambles it together to make this masterpiece.  I am always alert and always uneasy while playing this game and in return, it has me paying more attention to this game than I have in years.I would come into most games that I have spent hours working on, cocky and feeling like a badass.  For example, Destiny is now something I can play in my sleep.  The combat is fun and exciting but rarely frustrating (unless you’re raiding with some total noobz) but usually when I play games like that, there is a sense of casualness.  In Bloodborne, there is no comfort.  You cannot just pick up this game and play for 15 minutes.   Oh no, this game is like a fine wine in that you need to age it, sip it and drink it in great quantities.  You have to fully immerse yourself into this game, which in my opinion is challenging.  There is no time to sit on your phone for cut scenes or listen to music while you play.  It demands your full attention.

This is part of the lore that comes with such a specimen as this.  Even the multiplayer is unforgiving.  You call up a friend and see is they want help you beat the incredulous Mr. G. In order to do this, you need to have a specific bell and they need a different bell and then when you both have the correct bells, you then have to have insight to use while you beat this.  And to top all of that off, if you die, its over.  No re-dos, no mistakes.  Just the brutality that if you mess up, its done.  Then you need to make sure you have more insight and if its worth it to use on that friend (lets be honest, I feel bad for the friends who want me to tag along; I still suck.)

When saying I have a love hate relationship with this game, what I am truly saying is that I hate being challenged in video games but love playing them.  In a world of instant gratification and the ability to buy your way to further points in some games, this title refuses to be easy.  It has been many years since a game came out and I was super challenged.  I honestly cannot think of a single title that has frustrated me so much yet has me coming back for more and more. If you have a PlayStation and 60 dollars to spend, please do yourself a favor and get this game. Tell your friends to do the same.  This is a game that embodies terror and joy all in one and on top of that, its creepy as all hell.  Who doesn’t want to crap their pants in front of their best friends, especially if its just the audio.  Think about it….Okay good.

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