Daredevil: First Impressions

Daredevil: First Impressions

Marvel has been killing the game when it comes to movies and TV in the past 2-3 years.  With Avengers: Age of Ultron coming out next week, we can anticipate a whole chain of events to set off in the Marvel Universe.  With shows like Agents of Shield and Agent Carter, superhero’s have been dominating our airwaves.  Somewhat recently, Netflix has released another Marvel program in Daredevil.  Apprehensive about the show, myself and many others proceeded with great caution because of the mistake that was Ben Affleck’s cinema flop in the Daredevil movie.  After watching the first episode, I was not super impressed; the fight scenes were cool, the characters were somewhat likable but it felt cheesy and I was still trying to get over the fact that this was an origin story about a blind superhero.  However, I kept watching and I was absolutely addicted after episode 2.


Set in Hells Kitchen, NYC, Daredevil is the story of a blind lawyer who decides that corruption is too much in the city and he needed to take matters into his own hands by beating the crap out of bad guys in a black mask.  Matt Murdock, a boxer/lawyer/ladies man, is an up and coming young lawyer who was blinded by a chemical accident when he was about 10 years old.  Raised alone by his professional boxing father, young Matt grows to adapt to his new found disability and learns life lessons from his father.  After his sight went, all of his other senses were heightened to the point of super human.  Fast forward to today, Matt is a smart lawyer, who turned down a lucrative offer to join a prestigious law firm in NYC and decided to open his own with his college buddy, Foggy.  They decided that they were not going to defend the common criminals or the corrupt powerful of Hell’s Kitchen but the people they knew were telling the truth and needed their help.  Matt’s senses, being heightened after his accident, allow him to hear a persons heartbeat and tell if they are lying or not, which is super helpful as a lawyer and in his daily bouts with bad guys.

Matt and Foggy’s first case was a pretty blonde woman, Karen Page, who was found in a pool of blood in her apartment, holding a knife over a former co-worker.  She insists that she was not guilty but was promptly brought to the jailhouse for questioning.  Matt and Foggy get a tip from a cop friend about this interesting case and they decide to take on the case.  Karen, with no choice or hope left in the world, has to let the guys take on her case.  The story goes that she had witnessed some sensitive documents about retirement funds.  She saw that they were being funneled into different accounts and millions of dollars were going in and out everyday.  She knew this was shady and began asking questions, which landed her in a pool over someone else’s blood.  Knowing she was telling the truth, Matt looks into the case and opens up a world of crime, murder, kidnapping and badass fight scenes.  Karen eventually gets out of jail due to the guys detective work and is hired to work as their secretary(convenient).  Now fearing for her life, we see Matt being the protector and tracking down those who did her wrong and making them pay.  He is all about justice (him and Batman would be best of friends!).


The first episode was good but also, cheesy and predictabile.  It is tough to have an origins story and set the scene but as the episodes have moved along, the show has gotten dramatically better and darker.  Tourtrue scenes, brutal murders and the introduction of Wilson Fisk, AKA crimeboss “Kingpin” have truly blossomed the show into a mature and exciting experience.  One scene in particular that I enjoyed was set in a bowling alley.  A man seeming looks to jump into a game of bowling at the end of the night, as the lanes were closing.  He approaches a man who has taken a couple lanes to himself and asks if he can join.  He then beats the snot out of this guys body guards, knocks him down and pulls out his gun.  He goes to pull the trigger and the gun jams.  Naturally, what do you do?  You grab a bowling ball and go primal on the guy, smashing his head into a pulpy mess.  I bring this scene up because that is the kind of dark and gory stuff that you would never see in the Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy movies.  A barrage of lasers and epic punches replace the dark, gruesome reality that is actual violence and fighting in other Marvel material.  Daredevil is bold and exciting, unforgiving and blunt at times.  It has some comedy, some drama and a lot of action, which in my book, is a great way to draw in the viewer and keep them there.  As Matt Murdock advances, the world gets darker and it’s just that, that has me glued to this Netflix exclusive.


Ken Borter

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