Devastator Puts Macabre in Zine

Devastator Puts Macabre in Zine

Macabre, Zany, Obscure, Objectionable, Hilarious, Killer Cuteness…peaked interest yet? No, well then sorry that your feeble mind can not handle the awesome that is The Devastator, a quirky collection of stories crossing a crazy gap of interests. No one genre is safe from a bit of rib jabbing hilarity or the full on obscure treatment. When the email for the Horror book from The Devastator came across my email I was generally intrigued what is better than Macabre? Delving deeper into what the title had to offer what was found was a myriad of weird. Put beautifully as a disgusting den of monster parodies. Only to find out that it doesn’t drop until April 22nd, though the other books will suffice until then.

Featuring contributions from hilarious comedians and cartoonists from The Onion, The Daily Show, Adult Swim, and Marvel, including Ron Lynch (Adventure Time) and Liz Prince (Tomboy).

We go Van Helsing on Freddy Krueger, Frankenstein, The Thing, the guy in the dog costume from The Shining and more! Flip the book around for “Scary Stories to Tell Your Ungrateful Family in the Dark,” a 90s horror book that’ll scare kids straight… into appreciating their dads, and rightfully distrusting their mother’s new boyfriend.

Now quick head on over to you will not be disappointed, make sure to pick up one of their great titles.