PlayStation Exclusives: Why Are All the Good Ones Taken?

PlayStation Exclusives: Why Are All the Good Ones Taken?

Sony is truly a giant when it comes to the entertainment business. They create video games, finance movies and even make music. Sony is a powerhouse in the world of gaming and have been battling the likes of Nintendo and Microsoft for two decades now. With that said, their lack of original content and exclusives on their latest generation gaming console is disheartening and inexcusable. As a customer of Sony for well over fifteen years now, I can say that their products are great and they deserve respect in the electronics community. However, their original content as far as gaming on the PlayStation 4 is concerned is lacking. With great exclusives such as God of War, The Last of Us and Ratchet and Clank on the PlayStation 3, it was safe to say it had some amazing titles. So far, the PS4 has given us Infamous, Knack and HD versions of their former greats, lackluster products for a $400 machine. I was hopeful for the future and still am but it feels like buying a PS4 was the wrong choice when upgrading to the next generation because I could play most of the games that were also on Xbox. Xbox One has Halo, Rise and Fable, some amazing games that can shift the tide when it comes to consumers. So what gives Sony?


Xbox has had some cool exclusives come out over the past year that Sony just have not matched. Titles like Sunset Overdrive and Titanfall have transcended into fun and replayable options for Xbox One owners. Titanfall is extremely fast paced and exciting, something I could play all of the time. Big robots, big guns, big entertainment value. It was one of the reasons I almost decided to purchase an Xbox but I stuck around with PlayStation because I had faith that Sony would do me right. Halo is another big factor in the exclusives war but after Halo 4 I lost interest in the franchise.  Not to mention the storyline of Master Chief is just so drawn out.

During various conventions and conferences, Sony Exec’s have promised amazing titles and innovative gameplay. Project Morpheus and games like No Mans Sky promise to give each player some unique and exciting experiences. But what about now? The past three months have seen the release of two highly anticipated exclusives in The Order: 1886 and more recently, Bloodborne. They both had the high hopes of millions of PS4 owners that they could have an amazing game that could only be played on their console. The Order had the biggest hype surrounding a Sony exclusive since The Last of Us, which in my opinion is in the top five of greatest games ever made. I had extremely high hopes for this fictional period piece with a sweet steampunk twist. There were werewolves, guns and sick graphics. Sounded like a dream come true.

the order 1886

I pre-ordered the title a couple weeks in advance and picked it up right when I got out of work the day it came out. I raced home to play the game all night long because that’s what you do with an amazing new game! I was immediately met with cool characters, cutting edge graphics and what seemed to be a sick story line. Needless to say, I was pumped and had all of the expectations one could have. As I played on though, I realized that the glitz and glamour of the graphics wore off and all I was left with was an unpolished, interactive movie that left me wanting more but not in a good way. Every so often I would catch glimmers of greatness, only to be shot down by the fact that the gameplay was slow, the controls were clunky and the story line no longer interested me. I finished the game feeling unsatisfied and traded it in to Gamestop within a week. What is ironic is that I used the credit to go toward my pre-order for Bloodborne, another Sony exclusive with hype beyond belief.

All I wanted in a game was something that was fun yet challenging and had some flair. Destiny held that void for a bit but that wasn’t a Sony exclusive and for what it’s worth, Destiny is a game that is sort of like crack. You know it’s not very good for you, it may even affect personal relationships with ones you love but dammit, you can’t stop playing it. I wanted more. I wanted substance. I wanted Bloodborne. This gothic title had every element of a big time game; tons of marketing, cool pre-order bonuses and the amount of hype that can make your head spin. I was excited for this game but being someone who had just been burned by Sony, I was cautious.

I bought the title after work and got to play it for about an hour when I first got home. I died a ton and couldn’t get the controls down. I hated it. I felt that Sony had gotten me again. Shamed and depressed, I kept playing hoping that the game would get better. As I played, I grew to understand the game and learned the lore of Bloodborne. It was hard. It was creepy. It was damn good. I finally got to see that Sony was capable of making a great game once again and holy hell was this game good.


Now, I know, I wrote an article that described my love/hate relationship with the title recently, but it’s hard to imagine that Sony has had such few exclusive titles that I have to compare a game like Knack to something so amazing and original. I know that this game is an off-shoot of the Dark Souls titles but hell, even those games don’t compare to the creativity that is Bloodborne. The monsters, the ghouls, the death! It’s so dark yet so uplifting, I want to yell to the top of Sony’s mountain of cash, “WE WANT MORE!” The Dark Souls games having been re-released onto the PS4, I now wanted to play its predecessors. Above all, it was nice to see that we can finally get some originality up in here. I feel with the release of Bloodborne my confidence in Sony has been restored. I could buy with confidence again; sort of. I now know that Sony is trying again but I really need to see more. I need to see greatness.

With No Man’s Sky coming just around the corner, I would have to say that I cannot wait for more Sony exclusives and I truly hope that they are a shadow of the potential that they are capable of. Sony needs to cater to the wants of its consumers and that want is creative and challenging games. They need to step up to the plate and knock it out of the park. Because if they don’t more people will be going to the dark side and joining the tribes of Xbox lovers, and in my opinion, nobody wants that (just kidding, Xbox is okay…I guess). So hear my plea! Make better games! It’ll be worth it down the road when the PlayStation V comes out and people my age remember the dark ages of PlayStation and stay loyal, all because you brought us the best games. My generation has the money now and if you make us happy, you know that we will do the same in the future.

Ken Borter

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