5 Ways to Gear Up for Destiny House of Wolves

5 Ways to Gear Up for Destiny House of Wolves

If you’re anything like me, you have moved on to bigger and better things since the drop of Destiny last September.  Hooked for about 6 months, I played Destiny non-stop but eventually the game grew stale.  I took a few months off, played some Indies, died a lot in Bloodborne and forgot what being a guardian even was.  Yesterday, I decided to pop in Destiny for old times sake and boy did I miss it.  The new colorblind mode, the guns, the shaders; even Xur was missed.  So with that said, I feel like it is time to get ready for Bungies newest DLC coming out on May 19th in House of Wolves.  Here are 5 ways you can gear up, brush the dust off (like me) for all of the new features and modes that are about to consume our lives.

1) Get your guardian up to level 32 –  I know its easier said than done but! It is a lot of fun to finally cap off your best character to level 32.  It makes the refresh in light level that much more satisfying when you need to level up all of that shiny new gear.  Anticipated level of light is 34 and the new gear has been promised to be amazing and add all of the things that players have been yammering about.  And for Bungie’s sake, it better be.  Being about that grind is all Destiny is at times but when you have amazing new gear to level up, all is forgiven.  On that same note, try to level up ALL of your characters.  Its no fun just playing as a Warlock, level up your Titan or even your sucky Hunter (yes I know I am bias).  Its all in the name of fun!

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2) Raid, Raid, Raid! – If you are a causal player, someone who likes to play the multiplayer, maybe do a daily once in a while, you need to step your game up!  It been almost a year since the game was launched and a lot of players still haven’t gotten the ever coveted “raid gear”.  If you plan on playing the next expansion, you should be up to snuff with the rest of the bunch and at least at a light level of 30.  The raids are fun and exciting, especially if you play with friends.  There are ways to team up with strangers but you have to use outside websites and go through the adding process.  It has its pros and cons but hey, you will be raiding!  Go crush the soul of Crota or get wrecked in the House of Glass.  Either way, it’s getting more bang for your buck.


3) Collect Vanguard and Crucible Marks, like a boss! – Going forward, there will be cool special events that you will want to be apart of and with that comes new guns, gear and maybe even ships and sparrows.  Most things that you can’t “find” are bought through the Vanguard Quartermaster or the Crucible Quartermaster.  With that said, make sure you stockpile your marks for potential great, new gear!  Some of the stuff sucks but once in a while, there are those really cool guns that make you go “huh?”.  So have at it, do strikes, weekly’s, daily’s and the Nightfall and you should be all set.  Who knows, you might even get an exotic or two.


4) Stranger Danger! – Doing the Weekly Heroic can be super beneficial when it comes to later down the road.  After each completeion of the Level 30 weekly, you get 9 strange coins to turn in at the end of the week to Xur.  If you’re like me (an I am sure you are), you do the weekly with all of your Guardians and you collect a whooping 27 coins! On Friday, Xur will be lurking his creepy tentacle head around after the house of Wolves DLC and I am sure he will have cool new exotics.  With that said, if you want the stuff, you need to have the coin.  The Weekly is very accessible now seeing as Bungie has allowed us to have random matches to do it (finally).  So gather all of the strange coins you can, you’re gonna need them!


5) Have an open mind – Last but not least, I urge current Guardians to have an open mind with the new DLC.  With the last DLC, Dark Below, users had outrageously high expectations and needless to say, we were let down.  Come into this with a fresh mind and hope that Bungie has done its research about what they did wrong and how they can make this make better.  And I have faith that they will.  The next DLC will be coming in September and will be a huge update for the game.  They do not want to miss out on that cash cow and allow the successes of this game go away because they got lazy.  So don’t hate!  Give it a try!


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