Final Fantasy X: A Fans Rant

Final Fantasy X: A Fans Rant

So this article is strictly opinion and in no means a knock on the game, Final Fantasy X, in any way.  Final Fantasy X is my favorite game of all time.  No this is a much deeper rant, aimed at those who look to take my money.  Yes, I am looking at you Sony and Square Enix.  I bought this game in 2002 for $50 and spent almost 200 hours honeing my craft, getting the best weapons and saving Spira. I was obsessed with this game; I was in love with Yuna, had the best brolationship with Wakka and respected the Hell out of Auron for putting me in my place (and spoiler, for doing it all while being dead).


I got all of the Aeons; even the ever fabled ones like Yoshimbo, were mine. I defeated Dark Aeons, Seymour, stupid fish creatures and finally, with every ounce of my skinny, blitzball playing arm, defeated Sin.  It was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting but it capsized one of the best video games ever made and I am glad to have played it.  It was the best 50 bucks I might have ever spent on a game or anything in general.

Last year you, Sony, decided that not only would you be re-releasing this masterpiece of a game on PS3 but you would be re-mastering it in High Definition.  My dreams were answered! I finally could pop this amazing game into my PlayStation 3 and work away as the hero from Zanarkand.  My teenage years came flowing back and it reminded me of the time when my brother stepped on the controller wire for my PS2 and my system came crashing down.  My playstation split in half and with it, FFX.  I was devastated.  I eventually saved up enough money to get the PS2 slim and another copy of FFX and I couldn’t be happier.

I was more than excited to see that I could finally play this work of art once more.  So I bought the special edition with the limited art cover for 50 bucks and was happier than a clam in Luca.  Fast-forward to today.  I have sold my PS3, bought a Vita (and FFX for 20 dollars used) and you once again have more plans to try to take my money.  As of May 12th 2015, you have re-released ANOTHER version of this same game, for the PS4, and are selling it, once again, for 50 bucks.


What gives.

I love this game.  I want to play this game until my eyes bleed.  But you have already made a total of $120 off of me for the SAME EXACT GAME and now? You want $50 more? I quit! I feel like I am running into a wall repeatedly by buying this game.  It was well worth the original 50, and even the remastered version was worth 50 more.  But how could you betray us like this?!  Cross buy, trade ins, make it $40, SOMETHING!  I am sorry about how upset this makes me but I have had it up to Sin’s scaly butt with this HD re hashing of the same game!  Yes it comes with 2 games, I get it but FFX-2 was bad and not nearly the game FFX was.  It should be free!  I say let my Spira go and give me this game for less than $50.  I’ll even take $45! Cut me off before I spend all of my money on FFX, please! But alas, I will stroll into Gamestop and glance at you through the glass, wanting to one day, make you mine again.

I am going to end my rant here.  I love you Final Fantasy X.  I may buy you on the PS4 because you are so great.  BUT, I will not be happy about it, even if you do look so damn beautiful in HD.  Such an amazing game deserves to be released as many times as possible, just so that every generation can play through the best game of all time.  I guess the only thing I can say is at least I wont have to buy it again for the PlayStation V….or will I??



Ken Borter

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