PSA: Free Comic Book Day 2015 is Tomorrow!

PSA: Free Comic Book Day 2015 is Tomorrow!

As any good nerd should know, Free Comic Book Day is a celebration of geek culture and some of the best fun you will have all year.  Usually close to Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you), this day is circled in my calendar all year long.  Local comic book shops open their doors to the public with freebies and sales, pushing out great stories and exciting new comic series.  In years past, I would venture into a comic store alone, looking for the free comics, feel as if I were a nervous cat, ready to scuttle out at any moment because comic book shops used to be scary.  Comic book culture used to be intimidating, exclusive and at times, made fun of by society.  Think Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons!  (Worst. Character. Ever. okay not really)  But, with the introduction of amazing comic book movies like Spiderman and Ironman, comic book culture has progressed into a beautiful,all inclusive resort in which everybody can find something they enjoy.  Now I enjoy Free Comic Book Day with friends and even hang out at the shop for hours and hours, basking in its geeky glory.  In years past, the cool freebies that we saw included the Walking Dead, Justice League and Futurama.  This year, some of the highlights include, Bob Burgers, Fight Club, The Tick, The Avengers and Attack on Titan. All of these are cool stories and they are all super free.

Layout 1  Fight Free Tick free


The idea is to maybe get some younger readers enjoying comic books and even get adults to enjoy them again.  With that said; go to your local comic book shop this weekend and spend all of the money!  Its great to support local businesses and I for one, love having a physical copy of a comic.  It is someone’s art, someone’s soul, someone’s livelihood. The last thing that I would EVER want is an all digital library of comics.  Its takes the fun out of it! So go out and geek out with your fleek out! (or whatever the kids are saying these days.)

Ken Borter

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