Rocket League Is Here To Stay!

In the beginning, there was a little game called Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. A game with remote controlled cars, two giant nets, one giant soccer ball and a small stadium to play in which was a recipe for total mayhem. Unfortunately, the game didn’t take off as much as you would think, mainly because of it being exclusive to the PlayStation Network and becoming free to PlayStation Plus members three years later.  In addition, other games that released around the same time as SARPBC were free, like Limbo for instance. Limbo was a favorite to anybody who played it and got great ratings across the board. Also, the Reefer Madness add-on content released for Rockstar’s LA Noire, a unique game in itself. These could have taken away from SARPBC’s success or it could have just been a one and done game, unfortunately it didn’t last…….UNTIL NOW….well until about a month ago.

Ladies and gentleman, if you own either a PC or a PlayStation 4, Rocket League is here! What is Rocket League you ask? Only the next generation of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars with great improvements! Not only are the PC and PSN servers combined, but they are also sustainable! While only costing $19.99 and also being FREE for PlayStation Plus members, everyone who owns this game will not be disappointed. Having smooth graphics, two different camera angles, more ways to customize your vehicles, a bigger map in case you are in a 4v4 match…yes that is right, 4v4 is back and better than ever! Also, for all you Twisted Metal fans out there, a PlayStation exclusive car, I mean truck, is available in-game and it is none other than Sweet Tooth and his iconic ice cream truck. Like I had mentioned before, SARPBC couldn’t keep up, but throughout the first month since Rocket League’s release, I have seen the online population on this game continuously increasing.

Now you could be thinking, “Well I am already a month late to the party, why get into it now?” Not only are the basics easy to master, but also for online matches there are ranked matches so you aren’t paired up against all-star(s). To all of the trophy hunters out there, want another platinum trophy? Play this game and you will get it, the hardest one and the easiest one if that makes any sense, is driving 500 kilometers. All the other trophies are pretty much unlocked on the road to 500 km. The only thing I think this game is missing is the SARPBC theme song, which may be one of the best video game theme songs of all time, here she is:

Playing with friends is a big pet peeve of mine and this game lets you do exactly that, having up to 8 player matches, having explosive, high-speed, “soccer” playing, intense fun. It is hard to find anything wrong with this game, unless having massive amounts of fun is wrong. Buy it, download it, play it, you will not be disappointed. Here is a preview of what you would be experiencing, my friend Tim Nunes (bosssnake) and I are playing in an online ranked 2v2 match, I recommend watching until the end:


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