Black Ops 3: Beta Breakdown

Black Ops 3: Beta Breakdown

With Monday the 23rd coming to a close, comes to end the open beta for Call of Duty Black Ops 3 on the PlayStation 4.   I feel overall it was an extremely good look at what is to come.  It gave many people a chance to play the game that normally might not pick it up, like myself.  I was able to grab a code before the beta went public so I had more than just a weekend on it, and I have to say that I was impressed.   After Call of Duty Ghosts, I vowed never to pay for a Call of Duty game again, and after this weekend, I may have to rethink that statement.

This beta felt more like Call of Duty than the past two titles. The weapons felt right, however they could use some damage tuning.  I found myself in gunfights where I put twice as many bullets into the enemy, and I still died by a good margin.  Now I do know much of it has to do with connection, lag, etc., etc… But it happened more often than any other game, so much so that I grew frustrated with the game. Out of the weapons in the beta, some stood out over the rest to me. The Man-o-War Assault Rifle seemed to dominate at a distance.  If it stays this way, this will be a great weapon to anchor maps for the more competitive people.   My perhaps second favorite would have been the Razorback SMG, it had an impressive range, and had a decent amount of spray for those up close and personal battles.  Perhaps my least favorite aspect, simply because it is annoying as all heck, would have been the Thermite.  It attached to the ground and sprays fire basically.  It can easily lock down an entrance, and if you are not paying attention, easily take you down.


The maps were solid, not too many complaints to be had there from myself, I did find myself getting flanked quite often, though most of that is upon the team that you are playing on.  Most of them follow the same generic pattern, which is very useful for a competitive aspect, with three lanes (mostly), a center, left and right one.   With intersecting tunnels, rooms, and doors, you are able to bounce from one to another.   Out of the four maps, Stronghold, Hunted, Combine, and Evac. Stronghold had to be my least favorite of them all.  That is not to say it is a bad map, there was just something about it that I was not a fan of, though many people I played with really disliked Hunted.

A new feature added into the mix were the specialist classes.  These basically give you an extra weapon/score streak once you obtain a pre-determined amount of points.  These abilities are amazing and unique.  Some give you weapons, while the others influence the maps, like transport you around, or sense enemies.   Now these weapons are completely overpowered and I am OK with that to a point.  Most of them were a one shot kill if you hit the enemy, such as the War Machine, a grenade launcher, or a Bow and Arrow which exploded on impact.  However, there was one that stood out as more overpowered than all the rest, and that was a freakin laser beam, called Tempest, not on a sharks head unfortunately, that would arch between allies, meaning one shot into a group of four, would instantly kill all four.   My only complaint with these, was that once you called them in, you lost them when you died, regardless if you used them or not.  Which is good, yes, it keeps it balanced so that not everyone is running around with them all game, but if I call it in, and then get obliterated by an airstrike, I want to at least shoot my War Machine once.


Overall I would give this a successful beta ranking.  It ran mostly flawlessly, with only some minor glitching other than the lag, which I will touch on in a second.  It also got me almost itching to buy the game, which I was not planning on doing pre-beta.  There are two honorable mentions I need to make however, first was the custom camo option called the Paint Shop, which will allow you to customize every single one of your guns, which is amazing, however as it did not carry over to the full version, I did not use this feature.

I have two major complaints, and yes I am aware that it was just the beta, the first was the lag, and it was really unplayable once it struck.  Which I know it’s a beta and that is what to expect, but it was terrible.  The second is the Bow and Arrow, called the Sparrow, not so much the weapons mechanics, but the fact that it exists.  I am extremely tired of having bows in every single game I play, you are in the future, make up a weapon that could, or could not exist.  Stop following the pattern of adding a bow and arrow into every single game.  I am tired of it, you do not need to do it to appeal to people, and it is a waste of time.

The beta for Xbox One, as well as PC launches August 26th, the full game releases November 6th.

Going to be checking the Beta out on another system? Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below!

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