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Destiny: The Taken King shows off Dreadnaught and Nolan North

by on August 25, 2015

Today, Bungie released an announcement trailer for their new strike on the Dreadnaught.  The trailer shows off a new Cabal boss with a giant rocket launcher on his back and a new look at the Dreadnaught itself, including a map of the new area.  However the most exciting piece of news is in the begging of the trailer, we get our first taste of Nolan North as our new Ghost.  North, who is said to be every voice in the industry, is most well known for voiceing Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series as well as the Penguin from the Arkham series.  The trailer, which is shown below, was just a sneak peak to the Twitch reveal tomorrow at 11 AM PST.  Be sure to tune into Bungie’s Twitch channel or keep your eyes here for all the new features coming to The Taken King.

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