Destiny: The Taken King and Year 2

Destiny: The Taken King and Year 2

Bungie released an amazing 43 sec new teaser trailer for Destiny: The Taken King and year two of the game.  The trailer shows off the new light system with a Guardian’s light level in the trailer at 214.  11892070_10153208772329482_9074724382800630975_n 

The box in the middle describes your light as bing a combination of you attack and defense, the more of both you have the higher you light will go.  The image also show the new way your Intellect, Discipline, and Strength are gauged.  Also you will notice that the players Ghost has a new shell, Bungie has reveled prior that not only can you get new Ghost shells but they also have attributes attracted, like more glimmer dropping per kill as well as much greater perks.  The last thing in this image is new.  Under the class item, the Hunters cloak, is an item unknown to the current Destiny layout.  What is this object and what does it do?  Will will have to wait for Bungie’s live Twitch cast to find out.

The next new feature shown off is the Crucible Handler.  Gone are the days of Crucible and Vanguard marks, instead you will earn Legendary Marks that you can use on all items in either vendor.  Also shown is the fact you can now buy Ghost shells from the vendors.  A few seconds later the new Quest screen was shown.  You will now be given quests buy a few different characters in the game.  Shown in the picture are trackers for Exotic, Vanguard, The Taken King, and what looks like The Dark Below quests.  To the right are bounties.  Your Guardian can now hold 16 bounties at a time which is much higher then the current 10.

11896075_10153208772334482_5693430772800658791_n   11866308_10153208772469482_1882303513399221407_n

Rejoice!  Gone are the days of grinding to level up a fraction in the game by waring the class item of said group.  Prior to The Taken King a player would have to ware a class item (Hunters Cloak, Titian Kilt, or a Warlocks armband) to level up one of the three groups in Destiny, Future War Cult (FWC), Death Orbit, or New Monarchy.  In The Taken King all that is needed is for your player to pledge alliance to the group.  As you can see below you will be asked to join one of the three already mentioned groups. 11200641_10153208772339482_3263007299789165578_n

The trailer also shows the new Exotic weapon blueprints section.  It is still unknown just how this will work, however from the picture it appears to be a tracker of all the exotic weapons you own and the progress you are making on the ones you don’t.



Finally the trailer ends with a barrage of new features that will be showcased in the live stream Bungie will have on 8/19 at 11AM PST.  Below is a picture listing all the new items.




With the live stream only a day away my excitement cannot be contained, The Taken King looks to completely redefine the Destiny experience and there is no better time to jump into the fun.  The trailer is listed below, and remember for all of your Destiny needs keep an eye out on Mammoth Gamers.

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