Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament Arrives!

Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament Arrives!

The next expansion for the hit online card game Hearthstone has finally been released on August 24th!  The grand tournament brings in many new aspects for the game.  IT brings 132 new cards to the game, and a new mechanic, Inspire.  Each time you activate your Hero power, they’ll be inspired to perform a feat of strength.  They have also introduce champion jousting, which gives a boon to the victor when two jousting minions do battle.


They have also introduced new chests for play mode which as you rank up, increase in wealth, much like arena awards once you pass level 20.  Speaking of the arena, players now have a random chance to receive any of the current Hearthstone card packs (Classic, Goblins vs Gnomes, and the Grand tournament) with a higher chance to get Grand Tournament cards.

David Bahle

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