Madden NFL 16 Review

It is that time of the year again, where football reigns supreme here in America. Whether it is the NFL getting underway, NCAA Football is about to start up, and the new Madden has released. It is like an early Christmas for football junkies. Fortunately for Madden fans, they get the chance to see what their players are actually capable of before the season gets to start. After hearing all of the hype for newly acquired players and not knowing much about how they play, especially rookies right out of the draft. Enough about that though, lets get into what you really came here to read.

First off, EA TRAX IS FINALLY BACK ON MADDEN! It is about time, listening to the same song on repeat will only keep you sane for so long. It’s kind of like listening to John Madden commentating all game every game. Once turning on the game and hearing different songs, it made me happy, and that lasted about 10 seconds when it then redirected me to a tutorial football game where the computer is the Arizona Cardinals and the user controlled team is….the Pittsb….(vomit)….Pittsburgh Steelers. These two teams are facing off in Super Bowl 50 so my guess is that this is EA’s prediction? Right after you finish this game, you get taken back to the home screen and the menu layout throughout the game has a nice look to it, and it also makes searching through the menu a lot easier. Even the navigation speed throughout the menus has increased.

This tutorial teaches you the new throwing and catching mechanics which include touch passes, roll-out passes and body-relative throws for the quarterback and a new high risk high reward system for the receiver and the defender. The nice thing about the tutorial is that it is not definite that you win that game even though it walks you through the entire thing. EA also added a new game mode called Draft Champions, where you are given a mediocre team and have 15 rounds of three random players, and also a choice between three different coaches which will decide what offensive and defensive schemes your team will be running. You can only pick one, then the other two players or coaches are discarded and three new players are able to be chosen from. In the very last round, you are given the opportunity to draft an NFL Legend, once again you are shown three and can only select one. Either it is my personal favorite, the great LaDanian Tomlinson, or even Randall Cunningham. Or you can pick a defensive legend like Ray Lewis or Ty Law.

As you play through the short seasons in Draft Champions, whether it is against computer teams which is only a three game season, or against only users which is a four game season. The catch in this game mode is if you lose one time, you have to start over, and yes that means you have to pick a whole new team. You are rewarded with card packs for Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) as you play through seasons in Draft Champions which is a nice touch to it. Instead of grinding through stressful matchups against users, or doing solo challenges over and over again giving little rewards until you get to the more challenging events. Also, EA has introduced MUT Rewards, all you have to do is sign into EA and sign up for it. All it is, is a record of how many card packs you open and you get rewarded from what looks like after 50, 250 and 1000 are opened.

Unfortunately, with all of the good added to Madden, there is also the bad. The Good: new receiving options like running after the catch (RAC), possession and aggressive. It appears that aggressive is the most used because it is almost a definite catch if you have a player with the Catch in Traffic stat above 90, even on hail marys, and it is SO ANNOYING AND DUMB. It didn’t take long to find out this way to manipulate the game and it needs to be nerfed ASAP. Also, if you are looking to kick a field goal at the end of either half and you are trying to kill the clock until the very end of the quarter, do not pick the play until about seven seconds left. This is because it is likely the opposing player will just run into your offensive like to draw a flag and the clock for some reason stops, whether you accept the penalty or not, which SHOULD NOT HAPPEN. Finally, tight ends being the computer/users favorite target has carried into this game also, so beware of that. These problems have cost me multiple games already and it is way too stressful. I made sure I wasn’t the only one having these problems so I asked my good friend bosssnake (Tim Nunes) who writes for PlayStation Universe (PSU) to see if he had noticed any of these problems, and he had. There are also a couple of minor bugs that made its way into Madden 16 from Madden 15. Fortunately for EA, all of these problems can go away in one update, just beware of these problems before these problems are fixed.

Overall, all the new features in this game makes it worth buying. Bringing more and more realism into Madden every year and I think they made a great step this year. I always enjoy Madden, no matter how mad it makes me every year (I hate losing)(HATE). I give Madden 16 a 4/5, but it can be improved easily with a little nerfing, but what sports game has no bugs or problems? Anyways, BUY IT. PLAY IT. ENJOY IT. You won’t regret it. GO CHARGERS!

Score:  4/5

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