Opinion: Fear the Walking Dead gets one more week

Opinion: Fear the Walking Dead gets one more week

With the second episode of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead under the rug, I have to ask, really? What the heck.  Allow me to start off by saying that I am the world’s largest Walking Dead and Zombie fan. World War Z, Zombie Survival Guide, you name it.  Tank Zombie is staring at me as I write this, as he is sitting eye level on my desk.

Now I was as excited as anyone for the new spin-off/prequel thing that was to be Fear.  More so when they started giving us info that it would take place before, during, and after the story line of the Walking Dead.  But to my dismay, Fear the Walking Dead is not what I hoped it to be.  I understand needing to cater to a different crowd, but in a six episode season, you cannot spend the first two episodes doing character development only to try to get the fans to connect.  Fans of the show watch it for the zombies, as well as the (somewhat) good story.  But what Fear is giving us, is 1/3rd the season on character development, and only being shown three walkers.  I may be in the minority with this, but really?   There is no real explanation to why this is happening; the city is literally just falling apart.

I understand trying to get people who would normally not watch the Walking Dead to watch Fear, it is totally understandable.  Many people are turned off by the gore, a bunch of people lost interest at various parts of the story, the farm (which almost lost me), the prison, but I held on.  Due to the fact that I enjoyed what came before it.  But with Fear, there is nothing to keep my attention.  Episode 1 was dull, and full of almost pointless story development, with the exception of the crack house zombie, and the relationship issues between the main character and his son.  See? I honestly could not tell you any of the characters names, which I could do after the first two episodes of the Walking Dead.

Sure they are showing how fast society can collapse, but they are also showing how a few conversations could solve a bunch of problems.  Half the situations could have been solved with “Hey, people are dying and getting back up, we need to leave now” kind of deal.

In my opinion, Fear the Walking Dead gets one more week for me.  Which is really two weeks because for whatever reason, the show is taking next week off.  I am sick of pointless character development, stop trying to force me to like the characters, and just let me from my own opinion of the character.  Game of Thrones does this well, there is just the story, and they let you decide who you want to hate, cough, Joffrey, cough. Unlike The Walking Dead, we have other shows to compare this to, it’s original series, The Last Ship, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, etc…  Because let’s face it, the Walking Dead was the first of its kind really.  Now they have to raise the bar, and I do not feel that they are doing it with Fear.

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