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PlayStation Now Subscriptions Are Coming To PlayStation Vita

by on August 4, 2015

Sony has confirmed that on August 4th the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV will be added to the list of devices that you can subscribe with to PlayStation Now.  PSNow is a service that allows you to play hundreds of PS3 titles on devices such as PS4s, select Blu-Ray players and internet capable TVs along with PS Vita and PSTV.  The service on most devices, including the Vita and PSTV, are only rental.  This is separate to the subscription service.  If you see a title you like, you have the option to rent from 4 hours to 90 days for various fees without subscribing.  The subscription option, however, allows you to choose between 1 month for $19.99 or 3 months for $44.99. That being said, you have access to over a hundred select PSNow games to stream at any time.  Below is the new list of PSNow games coming to PS3, PS4, and now PSVita and PSTV.

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