PlayStation Plus Games for September 2015

PlayStation Plus Games for September 2015

This month will be the first month that we see the outcome of new PlayStation Vote to Play system implemented a few weeks ago.  This new system pits three games against each other and the winner gets to be the free game for that month.  The three games for this vote where; Grow Home, Zombie Vikings, and Armello.  Grow Home was victorious throughout my efforts to vote for Armello, however there is a bright side.  Even though Grow Home is the free game the two runners up will be offered at a discount, which is good news for me.  Here is your list of free PS+ games for September.


  • Grow Home – PS4
  • Super Time Force* – PS4, PSVita
  • Xeodrifter* – PS4, PSVita
  • Twisted Metal – PS3
  • Teslagrad* – PS4,PS3
  • La-Mulana EX – PSVita

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