PS4 3.0 Update

It has been a few months since we have seen a PlayStation 4 update that was more then just ‘System Stability’ and even though those updates are necessary we all would more toys to play with.  If the rumors from NeoGAF user crinale are true Sony will be rolling out a beta for this new update.  The update is said to feature some very socially driven features such as:

  • “Event” – This will be a menu that will allow you easy access to events related to PlayStation so you can join and watch them.
  • Messages have been updated to display a “Now Playing” tab, this will allow you to start parties and game sessions easier.
  • A “Community” menu is added to “Friends” that allows you to create or join a community.
  • “Now Playing” is added to “Friends”, “Community”, “Messages”, and “Profile” to allow you to display games members are currently playing.  This will allow you to request to join there game or request to broadcast it.
  • You will be able to broadcast via YouTube along with Twitch, DailyMotion, or UStream.
  • You will be able to upload 10 second video clips to Twitter.

Now this are all unconfirmed and is pure speculation, however it seems that if this is true PlayStation will be breaking ground in the social space of games.  What do you think of this potential update?  What would you guys like to see in future updates?  Let us know, and keep an eye out at Mammoth Gamers for more information.

Mark Kriska is a journalist for Mammoth Gamers. He plays primarily on PlayStation but also plays on Xbox and Nintendo systems. Mark is an all around nerd and if he is not playing games he's watching sports, movies, or TV and if all else fails enjoying a nice book or comic.