Siegecraft Commander Coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U Spring 2016

Siegecraft Commander Coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U Spring 2016

Spring 2016 is when you can get your hands on this epic new entry in the Siegecraft series by Blowfish Studios.  Siegecraft features an all new ground breaking player vs player system that is promised to deliver a face-paced real time strategy or tactical turn-based game play.  Players are tasked with defending and attacking other players in hopes to wipe out the enemy team.


Players will have to accomplish this by spawning units for ground battle and using the towers of your fortress to fire projectiles.  As you grow your base you will need to build new towers.   To do this you fire a spiked ball, which is essentially a seed pod, in any direction from the previous tower.  As the pod lands a wall is strung out between the old tower and the one sprouting from the ground where the pod landed.  A great deal of strategy will come into play on where and how to arrange your towers and walls to take out the enemy team. Screenshot_04

This game will be a fast-paced battle of wits, with players countering and taking charge of the fight while every second changes the battlefield around you.  Siegecraft Commander will be releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii-U, Windows, and Nvidia SHIELD spring 2016.  Let us know in the comments below if you guys are excited or will be picking this game up early next year, and for more Siegecraft Commander check out the trailer below and keep your eye on Mammoth Gamers.

Mark Kriska

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