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Smite officially launches on the Xbox One

by on August 18, 2015

Developer Hi-Rez Studios announced that Smite will be leaving beta and officially launching August 19th.  With the ending of this beta, the opportunity to buy the founders pack is also ending.  This bundle includes 400 gems, which is the in-game premium currency for Smite, two unique skins, and all existing characters in the game, as well as future characters.  This pack will only be available until August 31st at which point a new pack will be released titled, “The Ultimate God Pack” which will grant access to all the characters, but will not include the added bonus.  Also leaving is the ability to merge the PC and the Xbox accounts, this feature allows you to transfer progress and items from the PC version to the Xbox One version.

Fear not though, for new content will still be added to the game, such as new characters, new maps, and overhauled maps.  Because whats better than being able to smite(see what i did there) your foes as a God? Being able to do it, in any form you wish!

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