Until Dawn Review

Until Dawn Review

Until Dawn is a suspenseful adventure game with the perfect amount of horror. Throughout the story, you get to make choices in pretty much every situation, and the outcomes of these choices are normally good or bad, Basically, your choices will decide on whether a character will be liked or disliked, or even alive or dead. Don’t worry, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. You may think hiding would be the best choice, or running, but who knows whether something will see you or where you are going to run to. This game is all about instinct, chance and skill. The skill factor will come in during the games quick time events, whether it is a button press, a timed response between two choices, or a new situation where you cannot move so you have to hold the PS4 controller as still as possible, or a likely negative outcome will happen. These quick time events happen out of nowhere so you always have to be prepared. This game will have your mind racing. Sometimes when given two choices, no choice is the best response.

Based in Alberta, Canada, 10 friends go on their annual winter getaway to a place called Blackwood Pines Ski Lodge. This trip takes place around late January to early February. The parents of Hannah, Beth and Josh are the owners of this lodge and pretty much the entire mountain the lodge is located on. It is February 2nd, a little passed midnight and half of the friends decide to play a rather “dark” prank on the girl named Hannah, due to the fact she had a crush on one of the guys there meanwhile he was dating a girl that was also there….I know, DRAMA, I won’t give out much details, but in the end she gets embarrassed in front of all of her friends and runs outside by herself. While this is all going on, you are given control of Hannah’s twin sister Beth, who is in the kitchen at this time. While controlling her, you can either walk to the double doors, or look at a clue which is an alcohol bottle sitting beside her passed out brother Josh.

This will bring you to a cut scene where Beth sees Hannah running outside, so then you are given two choices. Do you wake up your drunken brother, or do you run to your friends to go get her. After you choose, Beth and all the friends in on the prank run outside the door yelling for her saying “It was just a prank!” By this time Hannah is already ways into the woods, and you then take control of Beth again and go on a search for her. You come across a couple of choices on basically whether you want to go left or right, which will then bring you to find her crying and cold. Beth gives her the coat and they then see something that scares them so they then run until they get to a cliff side. While they’re holding hands, Hannah slips and pulls Beth down with her but luckily Beth is able to snag a branch before falling to their demise. While hanging there you will then have two choices, drop Hannah and grab the person’s hand trying to help you up, or just let go completely. Unfortunately, there is no way to save the sisters (trust me, I tried EVERYTHING), but because it is a tutorial, I should have seen it coming.

A year goes by and all of the friends are getting back together again at Blackwood Pines. Everyone is looking for some closure, but this will not be the case unfortunately, starting out with electricity problems, to being locked out of the lodge and finding a way in. This game gets pretty intense in no time, and you will be disappointed. While going trough the game, you want to make sure you search as much as possible. There are clues about the missing sisters, a category for 1952, a category for the Mystery Man, and finally a sections for the totems you find throughout the story. The totems are interesting, and also there are five different types of totems. Each totem you find shows a quick 1-2 second clip of what could happen depending on the choices you make. Once you watch it, it will be saved under the collectibles tab so you can watch it whenever you want. The first kind is the black/death totem, which means the POSSIBLE DEATH of the person who finds it. The second kind is the yellow/guidance totem, A vision of guidance for a future choice. Then there is the brown/loss totem, which shows the potential LOSS of one of the friends. The fourth kind is the red/danger totem, which shows a threat of a future danger. Finally, there is the white/fortune totem which shows a prophecy of GOOD FORTUNE.

I loved the way this game kept all eight story lines in tact with each other. Even whenever one of the friends died because of my stupidity, the game adjusted with questions raising, “Where is (name) at?” Depending on the situation, these answer may not be found out for a while, if at all. This game keeps you guessing until the very end and is definitely worth every cent. Until Dawn one ups Heavy Rain. Yeah I said it, Until Dawn is better than Heavy Rain! Like Heavy Rain, you’ll be itching to find out all of the endings and possibly know which choices to make the second time around. Like I had mentioned before, I recommend this game be played by everyone. It was hard to find anything wrong with this game, but I did find one tiny problem. In some situations, you have no idea which is the right way, so you have ti guess. If you guess wrong, then you get to explore and look for collectibles, but if you guess correct, then you may not be able to get back to that location and all possible collectibles are now gonna be unable to be found. The cool thing about the collectibles in this game is the more you find and the more information you gather, the characters will put the clues and information together and the collectible information will be updated, which could possibly help out in future choices throughout the game.

I give this game a perfect 5/5! This game wasn’t a let down by any means and deserves at least one playthrough. If you don’t own a PlayStation 4, buy one. This game is console buying worthy, along with other exclusives.


Score:  5/5



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