The Holocron 3: Who is Rey

The Holocron 3: Who is Rey

Welcome to the third installment of the Holocron, where we shall look at Rey, who is one of the new characters from the Star Wars Force Awakens movie. First off, allow me to say that this article may contain some spoilers for Star Wars Episode VII. By some, I mean that I will be bringing together the rumors and the full power of the internet, to try to crack this mysterious character.
In my last article, we took a look at Finn, the new hero in the Star Wars universe.

Who is Rey?


Last Warning: Spoilers MAY follow.

Rey is played by  Daisy Ridley

Unfortunately we do not know much about Rey.  But what we do know is that she is from the planet Jakku, and calls an old ship graveyard her home. She wears a scarf and a visor around her neck in soem shots of the trailers, the visor appears to be a StormTrooper visor out of a helmet  Jakku seems to be a Tatooine like planet. She is seen running around with some sort of staff/long gun in most scenes, and obviously meets up with Finn at some point.

It was announced that Daisy and Mark Hamill are returning to an island in Ireland, one that they have been shooting on before, to actually begin filming Episode 8.  This island is very green and lush during the summer months, but as it gets closer to winter, it becomes a dark, and mysterious place according to some reports.  The timing on this cannot be a coincidence .


The Rumor Mill:

Now, along with Finn, the only real rumor out there at the moment, is that Rey is a Solo/Skywalker. There is no evidence to support this, any more than Kylo/Finn are.


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