Super Mario Maker Review

Super Mario Maker Review

Super Mario Maker is a game that was on my radar for quite sometime prior to its release.  Ever since its announcement and concept was shown off I was hooked. And for good reason. Super Mario Maker is the best Mario game released in years. 

The concept is quite simple. A pallet of tools are used to build your ideas.  Enemies, power-ups, blocks, and more can be combined together to make possibilities that never before existed. Want to have a goomba stacked on top of a koopa-troopa?  Do it. How about Bowser riding on a floating bullet bill?  Sounds menacing but do it!  Like I said, the possibilities are truly limitless and are only limited by what your mind can think of. Which is well, pretty awesome.  

The controls transition very nicely on the Wii U game pad. In my estimation, this game defines how the Wii U game pad is intended to be used. The touchpad functionality transitions perfectly while building levels and the stylus pen adds for added precision as well.  Nintendo has done a great job utilizing this level building system with the game pad making it simplistic enough that children can pick up and play along as well as elders. There aren’t a lot of games in the industry that can do that right now but Super Mario Maker has nailed it.


There’s a little something here for everyone. If you are from my generation, then you will appreciate the ability to change the look of created levels from Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World.  If you are of the newer generation you will appreciate the New Super Mario Bros. U format.  Each level type has the ability to switch from ground, underground, under water, castle, ghost house, and air ship levels. It’s fun to play around with what you created changing the level type and style to see how your creation reacts to the environment set up.

There are also 10 and 100 Mario challenges that are included which give you a challenge depending on the difficulty. There’s a large amount of unique replay-ability as well, as each level is randomly generated by other Mario Makers around the world. Meaning each experience is never the same.

With all the greatness within Super Mario Maker, there’s a few items that draw it from being perfect. When uploading levels, Nintendo has limited the amount of levels that can be uploaded to just 10 levels. I would have liked to see a no level cap here as the better creators out there will only be able to upload 10 pieces of work. 

Also, when searching for levels based on what is featured and popular, the filter really isn’t utilized as well as it could be. More options need to be available here as a lot of levels featured now aren’t very great. That’s not without saying that there isn’t a lot of phenomenal levels out there right now – because there are. It can just be somewhat confusing and frustrating finding the diamonds in the rough. 

Finally, my biggest pet peeve in the game is essentially Nintendo getting in its own way.  When starting the game for the first time, not every item is available for use. It seems the game unlocks additional items based on the amount of bricks or blocks are placed each time you play. This is drawn out to about 5-7 days before every item is unlocked in the game. Now this can be easily avoided by advancing the Wii U system clock one day once the notification is received however most people will find this work around annoying and bothersome.

With that all said though, Super Mario Maker has something for everyone. It’s a game for all ages, and all genders alike. This is a game that has been on people’s radar for a long time and I can happily proclaim that dispite a few short-comings, the game is absolutely worth picking up. Multiple hours can be lost creating and playing levels created by yourself and your friends and it only gets as stale as the human mind which in most cases is never since the mind is always full of new ideas. Pick this one up, you won’t regret it!  For more on Super Mario Maker, keep it locked on Mammoth Gamers!

Score: 4/5

Albert Perkins

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