Battlefront Season Pass

Battlefront Season Pass

Ea has announced that they plan on releasing a season pass for there upcoming game Star Wars: Battlefront.  This should come as no shock to gamers of the past few years, however there is a bit of a discrepancy in the price of said season.  Before I tell you the price first let me list what the season pass will include:

  • 4 upcoming expansions
  • An exclusive “Shoot First” emote
  • Two week early access to each expansion pack

star_wars_battlefront.0.0Now this doesn’t sound like much, however each expansion will include new weapons, skins, and locations.  All of this will come first to season pass holders which means these players will have two weeks to learn the new maps before non-season pass holders can get there hands on time also.  To old school Star Wars fans the “Shoot First” emote will be highly coveted as its a reference to when Han tacks out Greedo in the beginning of A New Hope.  Now we get the good part.  EA has priced the season pass at $49.99 which is only ten dollars less then the full game.  Now to say ‘is it worth it’ is up to the consumer, maybe I really want that emote, or I’m very commutative and a two week head start will be enough to buy, or maybe i just love the game and plan on buying the expansions anyway.  This is not anyones call to make but yourself, however it does raise some difficult questions.  Dose EA feel that the four expansions are only worth $10 less the the full game because they will be giving us that much content, or is there so little to the launch game that these four expunctions are almost equal in size?  we won’t know until the game is in our hands.  I personally am apprehensive of EA and how they will handle the launch of this game, only time will tell.

Mark Kriska is a journalist for Mammoth Gamers. He plays primarily on PlayStation but also plays on Xbox and Nintendo systems. Mark is an all around nerd and if he is not playing games he’s watching sports, movies, or TV and if all else fails enjoying a nice book or comic.