Star Wars Battlefront Beta

Star Wars Battlefront Beta

With the the public beta of Star Wars Battlefront down the trash chute, allow me to say one thing.   STARR WARRSSSSSS!!!!

Now I played the first and second one religiously, and to me, this feels like a deserved sequel.  With everything from the music, to the gameplay, to the graphics.  I feel that I have crash landed on Tatooine, and now have to repel the Empire from taking drop pods. Also that Admiral Ackbar is playing a commander and telling me what to do.   It is a great feeling.  It stays EXTREMELY true to its roots, and does not forget what made it a great game to begin with.

Jumping from first, to third person mode scared the living heck out of me when it was announced all those many months ago, but allow me to say that it no longer does.  It is as flawless as anything I have seen out of many completed games.  First person allows me to actually feel like I am fighting the Empire, while third drops me back into the past playing the original two.

Let us get down to the nitty gritty.  My first instinct was to jump into the multiplayer, which I did not actually do after seeing single player missions.  Now the only one unlocked in a survival mission on Tatooine, however there are others (Sullust, Endor and Hoth) that will be available come launch. Now I will not give anything away, but AT-ST’s start showing up, and the stuff gets real.  There is a nice mixture of new concepts of first person shooters, such as power-ups, and calling in more powerful weapons, and of the original game.   The only real addition is the adding of the customizable character, allowing you to select which blaster you want, along with what secondary you would like to carry. Normally this is done in such a way it is really a pain, but in this case it works just fine.

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There are two multiplayer modes unlocked at the moment, Drop-Zone, and AT-AT Assault.  Drop-Zone is a 16 player multiplayer match, while AT-AT is 40.  In my expirence it is easier to find a match in the AT-AT rather than the Drop-Zone, but that was just me. There were some issues connecting to the EA servers at times, but other than that, flawless execution.  Multiplayer was flawless, very little lag, it is in total a very clean beta.

Now there is one bad point that I must mention. The balance in the walker assault is broken beyond belief, there appears to be little to no way to win as the Rebels. Even if you play a perfect game, you will eventually lose. This needs to be fixed before launch. Though realisticly, they did evacuate Hoth.

Call me sentimental, but being able to defend/assault the Hoth base.  Is simply amazing, this is a great beta, and I hope it to be a great game.  As a Star Wars fan, I applaud you EA for not screwing this up.  Well done, EA, well done.

May the Force be with you.

Former competitive Halo Coach, and former Microsoft Fan Boy. He is also a self proclaimed Star Wars Guru. He can be reached either on twitter at @OhMyApollo or [email protected]