Call of Duty: Black Ops III Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Review
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It’s finally Treyarch’s turn again to be paired up with Activision for this year’s Call of Duty, and they did everything but disappoint. From new features and game modes, to popular game modes returning, this Call of Duty has everything a shooter could ask for…unless they were looking for World War II firearms. Anyways, this year’s Call of Duty has the most content I have seen in this series in a long time.

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First off, the story is not that bad at all, as it takes place in the near future. Some solders have DNI (Direct Neural Interface) where they themselves, can become the weapon. The DNI allows humans to interact with any electronics, like equipment on enemy soldiers, computers or even weapons. In battle, electronics rule the battlefield and can turn the tide at any second as trying to defeat numerous robots coming your way can become quite difficult. These swarms of robots, however, can be defeated a little easier due to the electronic abilities the main character gets. There are three different types of abilities, whether it is blowing objects up, controlling objects, or people to blow other stuff up or just blowing things up in general. Throughout the level, there are waypoints where you can change your loadout to use for the rest of the mission. Even though there were some nice improvements made for story mode, the length of the story stayed at around 6 to 7 hours. That is unless you are playing on the realistic difficulty, in which case bring a couple friends along because you are gonna need all the help you can get. Bring friends along you say? That’s right, up to 4 Player Co-op story mode! As if story mode couldn’t get any better, now you can bring your friends along for the ride.

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At last, Nazi Zombies is back, and has given us a new map, along with a new “side story!” As the intro video shows, four different characters killing different people, at the end of the night they all end up at the same club and seem to get drugged. After they awaken, they are in a strange town where zombies are running free. But that isn’t the only thing that is strange, as there seems to be a weird symbol burned into one of each character’s hand and have no idea what that symbol means. There are some new features in the Nazi Zombie universe as well like Gobblegum. Gobblegum are like perks, but only temporary. For instance, one ability is to have zombies completely ignore you for 10 seconds, and is able to be used twice. You can find these perks in gumball machines laying throughout the map.

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You can also become ‘The Beast” once every round, which turns the user into somewhat of a Kraken creature which will then give them the power to melee, grab and shock enemies, and break open doors that are unable to be opened without that ability. Don’t worry, there are more easter eggs through this map. Although it isn’t a big deal, you do not have the ability to run on walls or jump higher in the Nazi Zombie game mode.

The multiplayer has a futuristic feel, only if that is how you want to play it, as you can also play with a more classic style of play; ignoring new technology movements. Even though enemies’ weapons are part of their DNI, you can unlock the ability to pick up enemy weapons which also gives the player the classic feel. There is also the classic 10 loadouts to choose from, but one big difference is that Black Ops III integrated into their multiplayer is the Specialist the player gets to choose to use. You could be a tank, an archer, a grenade launcher wielder or even your own personal UAV that shows enemies around you up to around 30 yards. Another positive I found while playing is that the connection is smoother than I have witnessed in previous Call of Duty games. In fact, I haven’t encountered any lag what-so-ever which is really nice.  If you need training on how to wall run and all of that fancy new stuff, Treyarch added a game mode called Freerun. This mode shows you the ropes on how to do all of the new techy moves. There are four difficulties levels:  Alpha, Sidewinder, Infected and Blackout. Each level is more difficult to get through than the previous.

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Black Ops III has improved so much, from introducing new abilities in not only Campaign Mode, but also Multiplayer, as well as bringing back Nazi Zombies and keep delivering without missing a step, and finally letting the players encounter Campaign Mode together with up to four-player co-op. If you haven’t been real impressed with Call of Duty games over the last couple of years, it is worth giving Black Ops III a shot. This was a big stepping stone for this series and hopefully takes better steps in games to come.

I give this game a 9.5/10.


Score:  9.5/10

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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