Nuka Cola, A Hit and A Miss

Nuka Cola, A Hit and A Miss




Nuka Cola….The most sought after beverage on November 10th.  But what people soon found out, it was in extremely limited supply.  Target, Jones, and Bethesda missed a huge opportunity for some serious cash, as well as some insane publicity.

Instead of simply doing a press-release, and putting a few pictures in the weekly ad, they should have launched a marketing campaign unlike we have seen before.  I am talking about TV commercials, I am talking about ACTUAL Nuka Cola posters in the stores, in the papers, make it like the release of an actual new drink, because they have already made it in the game, why not bring all that promotion to life.

Imagine walking into Target, and seeing a Nuka Cola poster.  Or opening up the newspaper (Internet now I guess) and seeing a full page ad for Nuka Cola.  They already have the posters made, they just need to make them physical.  Literally pull the posters out of the game, and plaster them over the walls IRL.  Now expanding beyond that, they could actually SELL the posters and make an absolute killing.  Let us look at some of the numbers. With this Polygon article as a starting point, because they have not released any sort of sale numbers at this point.

Last year people bought a total of 590,000 fantasy games.  That breaks down to 49166.66 a month.  Now if they were to sell the posters, say at $9 apiece, the same price as a FUNKO pop figure, now if 1 out of every 10 people bought a poster that month, they would make $44,244.  This is going off assumption data and what not, but more than 1 out of every 10 people buying Fallout 4, at least initially would buy a Nuka Cola poster.  My local Target store sold out of the 12 Nuka Cola bottles in under 45 minutes, and from all other accounts, every Target store only received 12 bottles, or 1 case of it.  Now note my store was limiting them to one per bottle, and the killer was online orders, where people were able to order online and have them held to come pick them up.

Now this brings up yet another point.  The supply.  Free market economies thrive on the subject of supply and demand.  If there is a short supply, and high demand, prices sky rocket.  If there is a high supply, and low demand, prices drop.  This is a prime example as to why Nuka Cola is sitting on eBay for $50-$100 a bottle.  Now they probably will not sell at this price, as they are not that special, just a glass bottle with a different label.  Short supply, high demand, price skyrocketed.  The price will drop and it will eventually find its equilibrium, where people are willing to pay the price for the product.  They clearly did not believe it would sell so much, or they did, and just wanted to produce a few and make them relatively rare.  Either way, it only did one thing.  Make people upset. If they produced more, turn it into what Mountain Dew and Call of Duty/Halo has done, and you are in business.


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