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Geeked In 3: What to do if you see a Star Wars Spoiler

by on December 17, 2015

It has been a while since my last one of these, but I felt I had to sit down after I saw the 100th post about Star Wars spoilers.  Now I consider myself well versed in the Social Media world, and I try to follow a wide variety of people across the platforms.  Now, I have not gone looking for spoilers, nor have I actively engaged in any of the reviews of the movie just yet, but I have not seen a single thing spoiled for the new movie.  This might just be myself, but I have not seen anyone go out of their way and say “Hey Guess what, X happens in 7.”

Now what do you do if you see a spoiler? You immediately unfollow said person, or avoid that site for the near future.  Due to the fact that they care about shock value more than the fandom of Star Wars or any series in that matter. For something like this, they would rather get a bunch of hits really fast, than to help the fandom along, and we do not need those people.

This is the first movie since the prequels, and with the marketing push that Disney has done, this will be the first Star Wars film that is multi-generational. You have the original fans, those who saw New Hope, Empire and Return in theaters, you have their children, who are now of child bearing age, and you have the children of those children.  Star Wars has become something amazing, which unites fans across the globe.  With the cartoons and the toys, Disney has made the push to make Star Wars even more popular than it was before, and it is working.

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