Nuka Cola Strikes Back

Nuka Cola Strikes Back

Jones Soda has obviously checked our Rad levels, and realized they were too low and as a result, Nuka Cola is returning for a second go. Hopefully with more stock than last time. However this time, it will be doing battle with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, instead of Fallout 4.

Now you may remember my previous article, Nuka Cola a hit and a miss linked here.

It appears now that Target and Jones are taking the silent approach because as of Friday the 11th there is no sign of any sort of official announcement from Jones or Target however after being confirmed by a source, we can safely say that Nuka Cola is back in Target Stores.  The Target source seems to have over 30 bottles of it, which means a little over two cases of the stuff. The catch is like before, you have to wait to buy it. There is a street date of December 18th on the website alongside the store systems. So do not go in demanding it before said date, because you physically would not be able to purchase it.

Now 30ish bottles is not going to lower the demand for the stuff, heck, it is still selling on Ebay for upwards of $20 a bottle. What it is going to do, is make people flock to it more, and demand more of it. Hopefully they will just make it a regular thing.

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