Geeked In: Oh The People You Will Meet at MLG P1

Geeked In: Oh The People You Will Meet at MLG P1

With Activison buying Major Leauge Gaming for the sum of $46 million, I figured it was time to go back and look at all the good times that I had at MLG events. For those of you that do not know, I spent several years competing on the MLG pro-circuit as a Halo coach.  I was on several different teams, some were good, some were bad.   Some had sponsors that helped us get to events, some did not.  Now these will talk about people, gamers, and former(some current Major League Gaming Halo teams that you might not recognize.

MLG events, what can I say, they are an experience.  MLG is about more than just gaming, it is about socializing, meeting people, and networking.  Each event is a totally new experience, new people, new products, and new stories are born.  If you have never gone to an event, I absolutely suggest going.

My first MLG event, MLG Columbus 2009

My first MLG event was back in 2009 in Columbus Ohio.  I was supposed to coach one of my friend’s teams, who just happened to be on the professional team Xit-Woundz, which is a historic team in Major League Gaming.  But unfortunately, we missed the roster lock and I couldn’t get on the team.  But I still attended as media for a website that I will not mention and generally hung around the event.  It was my first event, and with a media pass I could go virtually anywhere.  Through the site, and some connections we were able to attend a dinner party held by one of the professional team’s sponsors, Liquid Lighting.  This dinner was an absolute blast, all you could eat pizza, with every kind of toping imaginable.

This is also where I first met one of my good gaming friends, Pro Coach Small of Str8 Rippin, though back then he was working for a organization called Vanity Gaming.  But what made the dinner really memorable, was that Liquid Lighting, also was a sponsor of one of my all time favorite bands, called Breaking Benjamin, and they just so happened to have the drummer, Chad Szeliga there as well, who is on all accounts an amazingly awesome dude.  This was an amazing night, managed to have dinner with some sponsors and pro players, as well as the drummer of one of my all time favorite bands, as well as got my picture taken with him?  Perfect day.

^^Me and Chad!

The next story comes from this event as well.  I was in the process of going back to my hotel room when I was waiting in line to get an elevator. For those that do not know. If you stay in the “official” MLG hotel for any event, expect to wait for an elevator. Several of the pro’s waiting ahead of me decided to take the stairs, even though we were on the third floor, and the floor that the pro’s had rooms on, was the 13th floor.  So that managed to cut the line in half.

By the time the elevator came, I managed to get inside with several notable people in the MLG world.  At the time, the CEO of MLG, Mike Sepso, MLG Pro’s SK, Clutch, Walshy, SK’s girlfriend Jade, along with several other people(these were all former Halo professionals).  As the doors close, the elevator starts to go down instead of up, and we deal with it. We get to the pool level, where some sorry kid was waiting on a ride after he just got out of the pool, and seeing our full elevator.  It was a stare down, him; trying to decided if there was room, and us; staring back, mentally telling him not to try it.  As the doors shut, at the very last moment, the kid dives through the door and into the elevator. Whereas Clutch begins to call the kid a warrior(the term Warrior in Halo is when a person appears to be “eating shots” or where you shoot the player and they do not register as hits because of their connection)  We all start laughing and Sepso just turns his head and slowly shakes his head.  All the way up the elevator Clutch was commenting, and asking everyone if they smelled chlorine. Needless to say, it was a very fun and eventful ride up.

Now we move onto MLG Columbus 2010:

This was a very fun event; I went with two of my still good friends as a coach. It just so happened that one of the players on a top AM team, Revamp, was living with one of my friends, and there just so happened to be a multi-team LAN going on at his house before the event.  Now this was not any multi-team LAN. This was the greatest ever non-MLG multi-team LAN. The top Halo teams from Brittan, AS WELL AS, the number 1 by a long shot Australian team.

By number 1 by a long shot, I mean these guys were the absolute best team period in Australia, there was no team that could come even close to these guys. Now think about it, four Halo teams, each with five people on the team (four players + one coach). That is twenty people in the same house.  And unfortunately our team was the only non-top caliber team there. But it was still amazing, from this experience, I met people from Australia which I still am in semi-contact with today, as well as players from England, all over an “Online Game” with “imaginary friends” as my parents call them, but who’s laughing now right? This guy!  To quote one of the Australian players “It’s the Halo Olympics.”  It was an absolutely awesome experience, and to see the Australians steam roll over EVERY amateur team they played, including the number one seeded amateur team going in? It was amazing, what is amazing, is that the three other teams in the LAN other than my own, ended up getting 17th, 18th, and 19th in the tournament.

The second story is more luck on my part than anything, me winning a pair of Astro A40’s as well as a mix-amp. Winning, as in getting for free! Which retail for $249.99. Italso included a pair of exclusive BIC Flex4 Razor speaker sides for them.  It’s a funny story how it happened, MLG use to have a booth where you could text a number and they would send out numbers and times to be at the booth to see if you won anything, so walking back to the venue out of the blue I decided to text the number for the Bic drawings. I got a text later that said to show them the code, so I did. They told me to come back at 8:30. So I hung around for a while then headed over at 8:30 not thinking much of it. So I got there and they began calling out numbers that they texted people. Two kids managed to get their number called but they weren’t the owner of the code they entered their family in and they weren’t present at the event at the time being. The rules said you had to own the phone, have the code, and be present. So after giving them time to “get the owner of the phone”(they were given five minutes).

They began calling codes again. At this point I’m like I’m not going to win, and my phone is about to die, so I write the number on my hand. As soon as my phone dies, they called my number. I was like OMFG are you serious. I told them it was my number, gave them my phone number to confirm. They said I would win, if I could get the phone on. Lucky enough I had my phone charger in my bag and was freaking out at this point, I asked and this is a direct quote “Dude do you have like an outlet. I have my phone charger come on dude.” Luckily they were awesome people and let me plug it in where they had all the equipment plugged in. Partially due to the fact they gave everyone else five minutes and they all failed. So I plugged it in, showed them the number, and next thing I knew I was the proud owner of some Astro A40’s and a mix amp. Epic right? But of course it’s never easy.

As I proved it was my phone, one of the kids who won before arrives with the proper owner of the phone, and they begin complaining and yelling about winning but, but the booth people not not giving the headset to him. She starts going at it with them and they tell her the rules and how they gave him five minutes to get them, it was getting pretty ridiculous and loud. She then glares at me and is like “Maybe this kid will be nice.” At this point I’m like seriously lady come on and I really didn’t want to say anything. The guy luckily said something like, “he looks nice enough but he is not going to be that nice”. And I basically start thanking the guy for saying that; I was not going to go at it with a 60 year old lady. At this point the booth people are getting really annoyed cause the kid had been complaining to them for like 20 minutes, eventually the guy is just like, “You won, sign this” and hands me the paper right in front of the lady and she begins fuming, and the guy basically wanted to get me out of there,. So finally I signed the paper that said I received the grand prize and had my picture taken with the booth people. They then continued arguing with them.

^^Me with 2 BiC Girls and my new A40’s 😀

Former competitive Halo Coach, and former Microsoft Fan Boy. He is also a self proclaimed Star Wars Guru. He can be reached either on twitter at @OhMyApollo or [email protected]