PlayStation VR Price Revealed?

PlayStation VR Price Revealed?
Update:  Sony has gotten back to the original writer of the Forbes article with the following statement:  “This was an error by Amazon, we haven’t announced price for PlayStation VR.”

Has the PlayStation VR price been revealed?  Forbes writer Jason Evangelho stumbled on an Amazon Canada listing that may have given us an idea of what the PlayStation VR price point may be.  However, it’s not the amount that a lot of people may come to expect (see screenshot after the jump).


The listing is still available on Amazon Canada’s site, however the price has been removed.  For the United States, the price is right around $800.  Jason tweeted that he has reached out to Sony for comment but at the time of press there has not been a response.  We have reached out to Amazon Canada to confirm the price point as well but also have not received a response yet.  It appears that Virtual Reality will come with a hefty price tag and quite frankly may be too much for some gamers’ pockets.  If this is the price of PlayStation VR, what are your thoughts?  Are you still all in?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and for more on VR, stay tuned to Mammoth Gamers and be sure to hit us up on Twitter @Mammoth_Gamers.

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