Suicide Squad First Trailer: Rapid Reaction

Suicide Squad First Trailer: Rapid Reaction

Watching the trailer for the upcoming “superhero” film, Suicide Squad, invoked many different feelings and I had a few thoughts while watching what is now one the most talked about movies concerning comic book characters in a long time.  Here are my rapid reactions and thoughts on the upcoming summer blockbuster:

  • While watching the trailer, I was not impressed with the choice of music and the tone they tried to set.  I get that this movie is not a typical superhero flick but it should also try to match the demeanor that everyone is looking for and that is badassery.  Playing Queen is always a badass move but I just felt that the tone they were trying to set was too comedic and did not echo the serious tone of the original teaser.

  • Harley Quinn and The Joker ruled the show.  I would go see the movie if it were just about those two characters.  I mean, Jared Leto’s version of the Joker is going to be interesting but I think it’s all in the laugh.  Mark Hamill will always be my favorite Joker but, I am interested to see what Leto brings to the table.  As for Harley Quinn, I do think that Margot Robbie will make a good Quinn but, I do see some flaws, one being that her accent hasn’t been consistent in the trailers.  You either are gonna call the Joker Mr. J or you’re going to be an entirely different version of the former doctor.  No switching back and forth.

  • Will Smith as Deadshot was an interesting cast and so far, I am not impressed.  All he has brought to the table has been annoying one liners and a big name to an already crowed cast.  I will give him a chance because he is one of my favorite TV actors in the Fresh Prince but Big Willy Style better get jiggy in the movie, the right way.
  • Last impression I had on the trailer is that this movie, much like its characters of interest, is going to be complex.  It’s nothing like an Avengers movie but it also won’t have the playfulness of the upcoming Deadpool movie.  I think that this film will be a crowd pleaser, mostly because it knows how much is riding on it.  This movie has potential to break the bank and create a series of films that gross billions of dollars.  Let’s be real, movies make a lot of money and this one, whether it is good or not, will make a lot of money.  The only hope is that it is good enough to warrant a second installment.  Here is to hoping!

Suicide Squad is set to come out this summer in August. Check out the brand new trailer below!


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