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Dying Light Expansion Date Released

by on February 1, 2016

Dying Light’s newest and largest expansion has been announced and the release is coming up fairly soon.  Dying Light expansion date released and scheduled for February 9th, next week, the first person zombie killing game is set to expand in to all new territories.  With new features such as a Dune Buggy and a Crossbow, this expansion is set to the be bigger than the original map from the actual game.  Set pricing hasn’t been released but if you pick up the season pass, the expansion will come with the package.  Here is a schedule for the release around the world:

dying Light

Being one of 2015’s most downloaded game, I would highly suggest the average gamer who loves zombies pick this up.  Here is Mammoths original review of this WB blockbuster. Check it out and enjoy all of the gooey, nasty zombie goodness!

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