Google is entering the VR field

Google is entering the VR field

Word came out on Sunday that Google was working on a new VR headset that is more than just a piece of cardboard. Google VR in the making? However, according to the Wall Street Journal, Google’s up and coming device will be a standalone virtual reality headset. Meaning that it will not require a system, or a computer to be fully functional.

According to the WSJ sources, “it will include a screen, high-powered processor and outward facing cameras”. It is designed to be a middle ground experience, so it might not live up to the beast that may be the Oculus, PSVR, etc. but will be more functional than being tied to a desk.
While we do not know the exact time frame of the release, one of the WSJ sources stated it could arrive later this year, though it is apparently still in the early stages of development.  Google is the latest company to hop on the VR hype train, though with this “middle ground” system it appears to hit a market that has not really been thought of with the other companies.  Given the fact that it is a standalone unit will increase demand, along with the assumed fact it may be less costly than something like the Oculus.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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