HTC Vive: Pre Orders and Pricing

HTC Vive: Pre Orders and Pricing

Over the weekend HTC has officially announced the Vive, the Steam VR. Starting on Monday 2/29 at 10 A.M Eastern Standard Time pre-orders will open worldwide with pre-order fulfillment and full commercial availability starting early April 2016.

The Vive will ship with a full kit, allowing for 2 controller interface with full 360 degree tracking. The consumer edition will integrate a phone functionality, which will allow you to stay connected to the real world, while immersed in your virtual one. The phone service will allow you to read and send text messages, answer/make calls, check calendar invites through the headset, along with much more.

The Vive will launch with a $799 price point, with the consumer model coming with two full immersion games.

  • Job Simulator, by Owlchemy Labs: In a firmly tongue-in-cheek world where robots have replaced all human jobs, step into the ‘Job Simulator’ to learn what it was like ‘to job’.
  • Fantastic Contraption, by Northway Games in collaboration with Radial Games: Imagine walking around a grassy island floating in the sky, building a machine the size of a horse with your own hands, then watching it roll out into the world.


With this major announcement, we now know the costs of two of the three major virtual reality machines, with only the PlayStation VR price point still being under wraps. The main question is how the PSVR will be priced compared to the other two; the Vive officially launching at a higher price point than the Occulus.  E3 is right around the virtual corner, we may not have long to wait to find out. Stay tuned for more VR news.

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