Mortal Kombat X – Kombat Pack 2 A Disappointment?

Mortal Kombat X is the go to fighting game on the Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. It has it all – the combos, blood, gore, awesome fatalities and everything else youd expect from the classic franchise.  The one thing that I would say I was a little nervous about was the roster. Gone were some of my favorite fighters and were replaced with new ones that never previously existed. I was confused at first by this but once I started playing the game’s main storyline, I began to understand why the characters were added. They build on the legacy of Mortal Kombat and passed the tradition on to the next generation of fighters. Still though as I played I was teased with fighters that I wished were introduced in the game as main characters.  I had hoped I would have that opportunity with the first Kombat Pack for Mortal Kombat X when it was released but sadly I was not.

Now before you begin thinking how could this guy have a problem with The Predator, Tanya, Jason Voorhees, and Tremor you can halt right there because I think they are fantastic. But when I was playing through the single player on the launch day of the game I was elated to fight against Baraka, thinking he would be unlockable upon defeating him but sadly I was disappointed.  Being the huge fan that I was I went ahead and purchased Kombat Pack 1 and was delighted to play as characters that many fans were rooting for but I still had somewhat of a void in my mind. Nevertheless, I played on, and enjoyed all of what the DLC had to offer.

Then one day, I stumbled upon a post on IGN showing a PC mod had been discovered and the user was able to use Baraka’s skin in the game and was able to use him as a playable character on the PC version of the game. I couldn’t believe it and seeing it. It made me think that NetherRealm Studios was holding back on MK fans or maybe had a little more to show off. I’ve attached the video below this paragraph in case you haven’t seen it yet – it’s pretty awesome.

A few months passed and there wasn’t much conversation regarding Mortal Kombat X and any other future DLC that would be released. Until it was finally revealed that there was an existence of a second Kombat Pack. I felt relieved as I just knew that characters like Smoke, Noob Saibot, Cyrax, Sektor, and Baraka would be revealed as a part of this Kombat Pack but sadly, I was wrong. I was big time wrong.

Fast forward to the present and here we are patiently waiting for the arrival of Kombat Pack 2 to be released next month.  Am I excited?  Dang right!  I can’t wait to get an opportunity to play as Xenomorph (first match against Predator of course), Bo’Rai Cho, Triborg, and Leatherface but deep down I can’t help but think what could have been for Mortal Kombat X’s Kombat Pack 2. Sure, Triborg will satisfy some nostalgia as I’ll be able to switch between a hybrid of Sektor, Cyrax and Cyber Smoke – that’s great. But Human Smoke, Baraka, Stryker, Sindel, Nightwolf, Rain and others would have been phenomenal too.

As a huge Mortal Kombat X fan, I have nothing but appreciation and respect for everything NeatherRealm Studios has brought to the table with the last two iterations of Mortal Kombat. They play great, they have great replay value, and most importantly, they’re fun. I look forward to what Kombat Pack 2 has in store for me as well as continuing the enjoyment I am having with Kombat Pack 1. But as a fan of this series I am spoiled and deep down I can’t help but hope that some time later this year Kombat Pack 3 will include fighters that are encountered within the story of the game; not as a teaser such as fighting against them in the main storyline. Until then, I will always have slight disappointment in the back of my mind.  Only time will tell but I’ll definitely keep my hopes up!  What are your thoughts on Kombat Pack 2?  Are you looking forward to it or are you thirsty for some klassic kombatants?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or feel free to tweet us @Mammoth_Gamers or myself @AlbertPerkins.

Albert Perkins is the Co-Site Manager for Mammoth Gamers, and also serves as an Editor and Journalist. Additionally he also Hosts & Produces content on The Weekly Wrap Up YouTube Channel. Away from gaming you can find Albert watching sports, television, movies, and regularly being the jokester & punch line amongst his friends. You can follow him on multiple social media outlets.