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Square Enix and Avalanche Studios are Adding More, Just Cause 3

Square Enix has been kind enough to show off just what payers can expect in the first expansion from the Air, Land, and Sea pass for Just Cause 3. The first add-on dealing with Air will be titled Sky Fortress and is set to release this March and will be adding to the explosive fun. With a new threat, with a new mission set, new enemies, and a Sky Fortress, Rico Rodriguez will need more offense to tackle these new obstacles. Sky Fortress will add new weapons and gadgets for Rico, including a new wing suit titled the Bavarium Wingsuit. This new weaponized wing suit will include shoulder mounted machine guns and auto targeting missiles, this will make you as lethal in the air as on land. This new suit will also be accompanied by a personal deviance drone called Eviction and a all new assault rifle named Bavarium Splitter.

The second expansion will focus on Land and will be titled Land Mech Assault. Like the first expansion, Land will have its own set of new missions, with a new land vehicle that you will be able to use though the rest of the game. This new vehicle will be a heavily armored mech with a gravity gun. This new weapon will allow the player to pick up enemies and launch them in any direction. Also adding to the mechs deadly weaponry is its armor. The mech will will be as strong as a tank will all the manoverablity you will want out of a vehicle, meaning that its not only deal, but its strong, and agile.

The expansion will finish up with the Sea portion titled Bavarium Sea Heist. Details on this expansion will be coming in the near future, but we can speculate it will be similar to Air, and Land with its own set of sea vehicles and new weapons and mission. The Air, Land, and Sea Expansion is averrable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and high end PC for $24.99 or $11.99 for just Sky Fortress. All expansions will release before the end of summer 2016 and will release a week early for expansion owners so be sure to pick it up for some more Just Cause fun.

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