Indie Games You Aren’t Playing But Should Be

Indie Games are everywhere you look and when competing against mainstream games, these titles often get thrown by the way side.  Here are a few titles to check out:

Slime Rancher (Steam/PC)

Futuristic world? Check. Kickass vacuum gun? Check! Jetpack? Check! Totally adorable slimes to catch and profit from their poo? CHECK! Created by Monomi Park and featuring the artwork of Ian Mcconville the artist behind the web comics Machall, Three Panel Soul, and the game Spiral Knights. This game is overloaded on cuteness. Even though it is still in development, this game has been gathering a solid fan base. The player takes on the role of Beatrix LeBeau a young rancher sent thousands of light years from earth who is trying her hand at slime wrangling. With the current version, players can explore two areas and collect various slimes as well as unlock special pen areas to lock up any captured slimes where you can feed them and collect their plorts for money. In addition to slime collection, farming is also a factor in order to feed and keep your slimes happy. The next version will unlock a new area called Indigo Quarry, two new slimes the Rad Slime and the Wild Slime and also new foods to feed these slimes. If you love Stardew Valley or Minecraft this game is worth a look.

Superhot (PC/LINUX/OSX/Xbox One)


Created by the Superhot team, this Kickstarter funded indie game that originally was created for the 7 day game jam project has become a hit among YouTube gamers. This sleeper hit is a marriage between puzzle and FPS games.  The game’s rules are simple: time only moves when you do. What is not simple is planning your attacks and pulling Neo-style moves to avoid the bullets. The game also has many secrets and games within games that will provide hours of enjoyment after you beat the main game, providing you don’t break your mouse/controller in a fit of rage first.

 Entwined (PS4)

Always together, forever apart that is the theme of this visually stunning game. This game puts you in control of a bird and a fish that want to be together but cannot. The player must guide both creatures through nine lifetimes until they unite to form a dragon. Each level features a particular element set against a beautiful soundtrack. Don’t let the idea of this game being casual fool you, it is quite challenging.

When she is not trying to take over the world, Jess takes time to record video games and write articles.