BREAKING NEWS – iPhone VR Confirmed

On the heels of releasing the iPhone SE, Apple made a stunning and exciting announcement today.  Apple has officially announced the iPhone VR.  And what’s even more exciting is that the latest version of the iPhone craze will be available later this year!

“Today, we are very excited and proud to announce iPhone VR – the latest in virtual reality.  We designed this device with the simplicity of the iPhone in mind, and the technological advancements of virtual reality.  Throughout the years, our teams have been hard at work on the improvements of this device and we at Apple believe that this will take the iPhone and virtual reality to the next level.  With iPhone VR, our users will finally have the opportunity to step into a new world.”

– Jony Ive Chief Design Officer Apple Inc.

Sporting the latest in virtual reality, the iPhone VR will give users the opportunity to see all applications in virtual reality and in addition, display holographic videos, and a holographic keyboard.  YouTube channel AATMA Studio has a concept video (shown below) displaying the functionality concept from an iPhone 5, which Apple has now perfected on the VR.  The iPhone VR will include all of these features depicted in this video and much, much more.

Like most virtual reality devices, the iPhone VR will require a headset in order to use the VR which Apple is dubbing “Apple Goggles” seen in the image below.  Users will simply place their iPhone VR into the Apple Goggle headset and place it on their forehead like any other current virtual reality headset.  A sketch of the Apple Goggles is shown here in the image below.  The Apple Goggle headset will be included with the iPhone VR retail box upon shipping.

There currently is not a price set for the latest version of the iPhone, but analysts expect expect the price range to be anywhere between $500 and $600 USD as once it is released to the public, later this year in November 2016.  The iPhone VR will sport 64GB, 132GB, and 256GB versions respectively.  For more on the iPhone VR stay tuned.



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