Dark Souls 3 Beginner’s Diary Part 2

Welcome to the Dark Souls 3 Beginners Diary. Join me as I stumble, swing, and die on the way through my first Dark Souls game. Prepare to Die, you better believe it.

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Part 2 – The Sorcerer Supreme

After a devastating beginning, I wasn’t feeling very confidant in my Dark Souls skills. But maybe it wasn’t me. Maybe, the herald just wasn’t my play style. I traded in the spear for a sorcerer’s staff and it ended up making all the difference!

Suddenly, I was in the zone. Enemies that I had danced around, circling with my shield raised, taking a hit and striking back, became easy fodder. I was blasting weak foes away with a distance shoot, or using my tiny sword to dodge, circle and back stab.

The boss, the one had given me so much grief, easy. One try was all it took! Instead of dealing slivers of damage, each shot of my heavy soul arrow was taking chunks. I was dodging, backing off, and casting like a pro. The difference in play style and my abilities at the game were staggering.

Not to say that the sorcerer is inherently an easy class. One slip up, a mistimed dodge roll could end me in my squishy robes. With the herald, I had to watch my health and make sure I had enough stamina to make a stab after dodging an attack. Now I had to juggle that and manage my FP. Before, getting by with just health flasks was no problem. Now I had to switch between health and magic. The controls became slightly more complicated but for me and my play style, the reward was worth it.

I picked up the now famous katana from the Master next to the Firelink Shrine and spent my souls boosting dexterity and strength so I could eventually use it. I even heard of a way to get to the roof of the shrine and pick up a helpful ring. I was feeling really good, entering the High Wall of Lothric. Dark Souls 3 soon made me pay for that confidence.

The first thing I noticed, leaving the shrine area, was the slow, shambling clocked enemies were gone. In their place, rabid leaping dogs, hard hitting, axe wielding skeletons, and enemies with crossbows hiding around every turn. It took no time for my poor unkindled to lose her ember.

I decided to explore the stairs by the bonfire. Not to bad, until I came across a bridge with a ton of enemies above and below. Shouldn’t be a huge issue for my awesome sorcerer. Oh, except for the fire breathing dragon! Soon though, I learned that I could get the dragon to do my work for me. If I ran close enough and then backed off, he’d take out all the enemies and I’d reap the rewards. Feeling pretty grand with myself, I began to farm this route. Run down, bust up some guys, let the dragon take care of the rest and reap those sweet souls.

At one point I made my way to a nearby tower. Having defeated the enemies below, I crept up the steps, being extra cautious. I peaked my head around a corner, and proceeded to catch an arrow in the face. Not a great start, but he was just a little guy. I moved in for the kill, and struck the crossbow wielder down. Feeling extra good about that I didn’t notice the danger until it was too late. One of the seemingly innocent worshippers, who up to this point had left me quite well enough alone, suddenly blew up! Transforming into the same ugly creature that the first boss had. But this was no boss. This was just a normal enemy!

I made my way back down the stairs, quick as I could. Taking notice that he couldn’t follow, I decided to try my luck. I’d steal back up the stairs carefully and just chip away at his health. No problem right? Wrong. He might not be able to come down the stairs but that nasty head had no problem reaching me. I died.

This worked well for a while, but I quickly grew bored with the routine. I wanted to explore more and I knew getting past the dragon was the way to do it. Of course, I wasn’t aware of the super strong knight waiting for me on the other side. And once again, I felt death’s sweet embrace.

Eventually, I made my way past this knight and to the next bonfire. I heard you can get rid of the dragon with a bow and arrows, so after acquiring them, that’s exactly what I did. A supremely foolish mistake, because there went my soul farming route. Now, the only way was forward. The next bit was just a comedy of errors. Mostly it consisted of me getting wrecked repeatedly by a not very nice knight with a spear. But even that I over came. I found some goodies, spent all my FP and flasks before running across a massive behemoth. Knowing that I didn’t even remotely stand a chance against such a creature in my current state, I made the decision to run past him. I had to be close to another bonfire, right?

So I ran, and I turned, up the stairs past some enemies and into a tower with… an elevator!? That had to be a good thing right? I hopped on the lift and as it carried me skyward some pathetic little piece of skeleton garbage hit me, through the evaluator floor and grazed my little toe. Taking with it the only sliver of life I had remaining to me. Unbelievable.

Well, I wasn’t going to be deterred by such a cheap shot. I made it my life’s mission to discover where the lift went. So back I went, running, sprinting and rolling past every enemy that came my way. Come hell or high water, I was going to ride that elevator. Up the stairs and there it was, sitting in the tower, ready to take me to whatever mysteries awaited. I ran, dodging the last remaining enemy. I had the health this time. I would just stand on that switch and laugh as it took me to freedom. And then I ran into a hole. That’s right, I had activated the lift before and it apparently does not come back down on its own.

Once more into the fight I went. I would not allow such a silly error to stop me. This time, I killed every enemy in sight. No one was safe from my sorcerer’s wrath. I came to the elevator, rode it triumphantly to the top and discovered it was a short cut. It lead right to the first bonfire!

At this point, I am satisfied with my progress. There’s a big door near where the elevator lets out and that big door will lead me to the next boss. But that tale will have to wait until the next installment.

Next time, on the Dark Souls Beginner’s Diary, I face off against Vordt of the Boreal Vally. It’s not hard to imagine the challenge I’ll face with that.

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